Name: Lusia Janele Elena Helias
Arcana Senshi: Sailor Sun
Means: Called Janele, due to the fact that her 5-months-older first cousin is also named Lucia (and that Lucia's father won the argument over his sister Ricarda). The birth announcements crossed in the mail.
Pronounced: loo-CHEE-ah yhahn-EL eh-LAY-nah EH-lee-uhs
Birthdate: August 18, Leo
Blood Type: B
Gemstone: peridot or sardonyx
Age: 20

Likes: Hates: Hobbies: Fav. Subject: Drama or Philosophy
Least Fav. Subject: Math

NPCs: Ricarda Suerte Helias :: Janele's mother, the younger sister of Lucia Suerte's father Miguel. Rica is a stay-at-home mother, and while a competent housewife, never had either the inclination or the grades for anything beyond that. She possesses a great deal of common sense and is a moderately devout Roman Catholic. Age: 42
Frederick Helias :: Janele's father. He is an accomplished engineer, but a rather indifferent father. Being undemonstrative, on certain occasions he showers his children with gifts but rarely displays affection otherwise. Age: 50
Zarita Helias :: Janele's twin sister, attending Syracuse. Age: 20
Stephen Helias :: Janele's oldest brother, now married to Magda Riker and moved to Goleta. Age: 25
Jerald Helias :: Janele's next oldest brother, on a backpacking tour of Europe with a number of college buddies. Age: 22
Ana-Clara Helias :: Janele's youngest sister, a punk-brat who's threatening to drop out of high school. Age: 15
Canción :: Janele's pedigreed expensive Korat cat. Thank god it's not a guardian. Age: 5
Note: Janele is Lucia Suerte's first cousin
Lovelife: Eminently possible, considering Janele's tendency to flirt, but it will take a devoted guy to get her to settle down -- and a really persistent guy to get her into bed!
Overall Appearance:
appearance randomly generated using My CharGen
Hair: dark brown
Eyes: gold
Height/Weight Ratio: 5'7", 150 lb (I think)

Janele is about five feet seven inches, with what could be described as a Junoesque build and a triangular face shape. While muscle definitely figures in there, she's not what you would call a muscle-chick. Think more along the lines of ohhh ... a barwench or something. That is, in a manner of speaking, her parttime job. She has a ... roses-and-gold complexion, with a California tan over that.

Her hair is long, reaching about the middle of her back, and dark brown, nearly black. Naturally wavy, Janele tends to keep it braided back in a dutch braid (braid with strands going under instead of over), with no bangs. Because of her habit, when she does let it loose, of constantly finger-combing it over her right shoulder, it naturally parts on the left side.

Her eyes are an unusual gold colour, sometimes labeled pale brown. They're sort of narrow, and her narrow eyebrows do that Vulcan thing. There's a funny little triangle scar on the left side of her nose.

Janele usually likes to wear Ren Faire style clothing: blouses, bodices, vests, skirts, and so forth. She prefers to go barefoot as often as possible, and loves straw hats as well. Preferred colours are, oddly, pastels. Little to no jewellery, at best a pair of gold/carnelian studs in each ear. She never goes anywhere without her shoulder bag, in which resides sunglasses, books, Faire notes, and so forth. Canción NEVER rides IN the bag, but her treats are in there. She rides on Janele's other shoulder.

what's in the bag: sunglasses; Faire notes; car keys (honda del sol, seats 4, convertible); cell phone; idea-notebook; lip gloss, id cards, tarot deck/cards; pencil/pen; Canción's cat treats
Hallowe'en costume (courtesy of Charis):

The first thing you're liable to notice about her costume is the hair -- for a shell-like bone curves over it, starting at her eyes and coming up at the back of her head in a slight point; about an inch wide, vertical ribs break the smooth surface every half-inch or so. Her hair is worn simply, styled in brushed-out ringlets.

Dark purple shadow makes the brilliance of her golden eyes brighter, but it is a subtle colour. Eyelashes are lengthened with mascara, giving her a slightly more alluring look. Any other makeup is so subtly understated as to be indistinguishable from her normal appearance.

Her dress is fairly simple, made of a a dark grey silky fabric verging on black that possesses a faint pearly sheen. Styled as a wrap-around (left over right), the neckline comes to a vee and sports inch-wide bands of cream-coloured fabric patterned with dark gold swirls; the right side has one band, while the left sports two that taper at the hip where the dress presumably ties. This 'inlay' is bordered with mid-grey fabric with a pattern of dark silver speckles.

The sleeves are made of black velvet, form-fitting, and edged with a single band of the same cream-and-grey fabrics; they reach the wrist. The entire dress comes down to midcalf, showing the black nylons and simple black flats worn underneath.

Over the entire outfit is a full ankle-length cloak, fabric the same silky material as the dress, of a dark copper colour and patterened evenly with black diamonds upon it. The sleeves come to the wrists as well, cut wide to show the sleeves of the dress underneath. The hood lies thrown back, while the final glory of the costume is the pin worn just below her collarbone on the right side of the cloak: a large translucent green stone surrounded by gold filigree work that, on close inspection, resembles two figures.

Personality: Janele possesses a forceful, ambitious, and concentrative personality; one bent on achieving a good deal of prestige and success in the world. On the surface, she appears jovial, sunny, full of vitality, and always expressing good spirits. Underneath, there is definitely a hard streak in her nature, a degree of ruthlessness that never forgets or forgives an injury or a slight to her pride. Somehow, she can be jovial, sunny and friendly, yet remain independent and authoritative, seeking the ultimate in leadership and prominence.

There is something magnificent about her methods of fighting, whether for herself or for others; a scorn of her enemies that enables her to demolish them ruthlessly, but without malice. A detached and impersonal quality marks her nature. She is not naturally introspective, and many of her actions are based on instinct rather than analyzed personal motive. She has a good deal of pride and vanity that can be satisfied with personal issues such as admiration, flattery, dress, and the like, or by the broader method of satisfied ambitions. She is endowed with a very strong will as well.

Janele is magnetic and forceful. She possesses a generous nature, attracting many friends and followers. She could easily become a natural leader because of her demeanor and because she is ambitious, determined, and highly industrious. Self-assurance and dignity are very strong in her nature. Her magnetic personality lets her sell herself or her ideas easily, and her persistence at doing so further enhances her leadership potential. She is at her best when placed in charge of a large scheme, for she is truly a fine organizer. She enjoys being in a position of authority because she knows she was born to rule. Her sunny disposition allows her to be candid, outspoken, and very direct in all matters, without normally upsetting people. She possesses natural leadership ability, and projects such confidence and authority that she inspires others to follow her.

Janele is a natural showman, and delights in having a full measure of recognition and admiration. She loves to show off. She sees her role in life as the starring role. Her general approach to life is full of emotional exuberance and dramatics. These traits can result in too large an ego, which makes her very susceptible to flattery. Though she has a high opinion of herself, she still needs the approbation and appreciation of her friends and followers. Her ego needs constant reinforcement. Naturally emotionally exuberant, she is a good actor, and an outstanding teacher. Janele is very close to children, the loving benefactor and protector.

Sometimes she feels there should be an automatic granting of power and authority to her. Because of this, she doesn't feel the need to work her way to the top. Though in many ways she can show that she is ambitious, she is also lazy. She likes jobs that offer prestige, glamour, power, or a good time. She prefers to exert herself only in those situations where she can exhibit her star quality, and garner the attention and respect of others.

Her strongest gift is the ability that she naturally possesses to lead and to inspire. She is equally at home on the stage or at the podium. Her poorest showing comes when she is unable to control her ego, and she can let an exaggerated sense of her own importance get the upper hand. In spite of her self-assurance and dignity, she has a degree of concern about being laughed at or disgraced in some way. Ego is at the base of her nature and being.


History on Major Arcana:

On Major Arcana, Sun was the Royal Court's primary teacher. She taught classes for all ages in everything from math to linguistics to history to physics. She enjoyed teaching, but occasionally found herself frustrated by slower students. She also enjoyed a bantering rivalry with Fortuna. By far one of her favourite students was Fool, although Sun refused to show outright favouritism. However, this played no part in her decision to side with Fool in the inevitable conflict. Displaying a seriousness rare for her, Sun spent a very long time considering the possibilities, looking at history, before she chose Fool.
Fuku: colours: flame orange (primary, background); cream (secondary, text)
gloves: fingerless leather driving gloves
shoes: open-toed maryjane style with 3/4 heel
Henshin: Sun Arcana Power Make-up!
The card appears held between her first two fingers and edge-on to the viewer when she calls out the transformation phrase. She turns it to face the viewer, then tosses it. The card spins edge-on to the viewer until suddenly it flares in a blinding flash of light, which condenses to the pieces of her fuku. The fuku glows for a brief moment, then fades to normal light. In the blink of an eye the card vanishes and reappears at natural size in its original position.
Weapon: Sailor Sun's relic is the Two of Wands, which converts into her Lamp of Enlightenment. This is an everburning candle set in a holder shaped like a sun-in-glory. For a simple candle, it sheds an enormous amount of light, more comparative to a halogen lamp than a candle. Shadows flee before it, and anything invisible will be revealed. Aside from the fact that the flame does not go out nor does the candle get lower, the candle is like a normal candle - it can be covered, shielded, hidden, dropped, etc.
Attack: Flame of Enlightenment
Sailor Sun cups her hands before her, whispering the attack phrase. A heatless fire blooms in her hands, casting brilliant light everywhere. She throws the fire just as if it was a ball, of about the weight and heft of a basketball and equally dodgable, and whomever it touches will have concealing magic about them burned away - a Senshi would have his/her identity revealed, a youma returned to its original physical (but not mental/magical) form if it was originally human. With the youma, especially, it will only revert to a previous physical form; the spell does not release the person from the mental domination or magical influence of another spell. If there has been an attack which resulted in befuddlement, confusion, or anything obscuring clarity of mind, that effect is removed. If she throws the fire, it will not bounce, but splatter instead, as if hitting the ground shattered a shell around the fire. When it splatters, the effects of the sparks are reduced to the same as her Lamp. This is a twice-an-hour effect. Every repetition of the spell on the same person will remove another layer of spellwork, so the first hit on a youma will revert them to physical form, the second will free them from mental domination, the third will remove any magical effects, etc etc. If there is no effect to be removed, the person feels smarter and thinks faster.
Symbol: rising sun -- a half circle, with rays, on a line
Challenge: The light of the rising Sun will illuminate your darkness. I am Sailor Sun. Prepare to be enlightened!
Guardian: none

History on Earth:

Once upon a time, an American mutt from Seattle fell in love with a Catholic chicana and changed religions just so he could marry her. The mutt's name was Frederick Helias, the chicana Ricarda Suerte. They got married when he finished college and moved to San Francisco, where they had two lovely boys. Then they moved to San Diego to be nearer Rica's family, and had three more children: girl twins, and much later, another daughter.

They sent their children to Catholic schools, and pushed them on to college. Fifteen years later, Janele pulled the typical teenage rebellion. Catholic schools, the Catholic religion, and her Catholic family ALL got on her nerves. ALL the time. Fred and Rica consented to send the twins, at least, to a public high school. Things were much better there for Janele. She finally managed to make friends with the friends of her quieter, more unassuming twin Zarita, so they stopped arguing so much. Janele discovered a real talent for acting, and a greater talent for scriptwriting. She managed to graduate in decent order, although far below her more studious twin, and attended UCSB with some of her new friends in theatre - for about a year.

<-- During her first year at UCSB, Janele fell in with a theatre crowd that was less than inhibited. She'd never had any interest in girls as romantic objects before, but one of the other theatre girls found her adorable and fascinating and all but dragged Janele into a girl-girl relationship she wasn't sure she wanted. Janele put up with it for about a month, but grew increasingly uncomfortable - not with the physical aspect, but with her 'girlfriend's increasing possessiveness and paranoia. The episode finally culminated in a shouting match when the girl 'caught' Janele being kissed by a guy (who already had a girlfriend) during a theatre party. Unfortunately, the argument served not only to drive both the couple and the two girls apart, but to mark Janele and isolate her from the entire theatre department. When she failed to recieve a role in an upcoming production that everyone knew she was the best for, it was the last straw.

Janele took her car, dumped her stuff in storage, and basically lived on the road during the time she disappeared. It's another thing she doesn't talk much about. The only part of her regular schedule she stuck to was her RenFaire circuit. She swore Lucia to silence, but still hasn't told her cousin exactly what drove her from UCSB. Submerging herself in the whirlwind of Faire-life, she managed to forget much of her pain without resorting to drink.

Sometime in mid-May (she sort of lost track of dates for a while), in one of the happiest and freest times of her life, Janele spent some time working next a tarot-card reader/seller tent. Being that she likes to collect the decks, she bought a couple. The seller also had a few random deck-less cards, which Janele admired but disdained to buy. Until seeming coincidence brought her to work next the same tent at the next Faire on the circuit. And the next. Janele caved and allowed the tarot-reader to do a reading for her at the third Faire, and when the reader insisted she take two of the loose tarot cards, she only made a half-hearted protest.

She had coveted those cards from the moment she laid eyes on them, and felt peculiarly complete as soon as her hand closed about them - the Sun and the Two of Wands. -->

Janele STILL won't talk about the event that drove her from pure theatre and from UCSB, but she dropped out of the college in the middle of spring semester, arranged a transfer to UCSD for the fall, and vanished to her family from mid-April til mid-August. She reappeared on her family's doorstep two days after her birthday, spent the rest of the month with them, and departed far closer to her normal self.

Janele currently attends UCSD, with an undeclared major in communications / film-making. She lives with her cousin, Lucia Suerte, and two others in a nearby apartment. Weekend and summer job is as a tavern wench at various Faires. She and her cousin often bicker about various things, but Janele is much closer to Lucia than to any other member of her family except Zarita.

It was Lucia who sparked Janele's interest in Renaissance Faires, although she does not follow her cousin's interest in mysticality or SCA. Even though they handle very different roles at any given Faire, pictures of the pair usually fill up a third of any roll of film possessed by either of them. Lucia makes Janele's costumes, and in return Janele makes sure Lucia never goes thirsty at a Faire. The two collect exotic liquors at Faires as well.

Writing Sample:

Lusia Janele Elena Helias cursed fluently in Spanish under her breath, stuffing her clothes any which way into the suitcase. She checked over her shoulder every five minutes, waiting for her roommate to come home and demand what she was doing, waiting for the provost to seek her out and try to change her mind, waiting for Lisbet to slam open the door and demand another fruitless discussion ... her heart thundered in her chest, breath sobbing out in more feeble curses. Her hands shook, fumbling the clothes into the suitcase.

"What else do I have to pack?" The silence strained her nerves even more. She might have been easier if someone did come in. She stacked the class books neatly on the floor, notebooks, papers, anything she had bought specifically to attend the University of California at Santa Barbara. She didn't want any memories tagging along in her new life.

The precious decks of tarot cards she tucked inside her bodice, for once thankful of the boning. She fumbled the makeup and hair stuff off her dresser into a box. Every moment seemed like too much time. Tears blurred her eyes, and she scrubbed them away with the free hand, pushing the lid onto the box. "I can't stay. Where can I go? Where can I go?"

Janele stood up, glancing around at her handiwork. Where once it was obvious that two girls had occupied the room, now fully half the furniture was bare, empty. A few boxes and two suitcases contained all the debris of a semester and a half of a college theatre student. Janele herself looked disheveled, dark braid tangled, gold eyes wide and ringed with red tearstains, her preferred dress of Renaissance Faire garb wrinkled and twisted.

Hastily she pulled herself back into a semblance of order, not wanting anyone to know what was going on until she was gone. Carrying the boxes down the stairs, she refused to meet anyone's eyes. No explanations. No recriminations. Janele planned to disappear off campus forever.

Lisbet wouldn't miss her. Lisbet hated her now. Lisbet couldn't understand that Janele didn't want to be lesbian, or bi. She hadn't meant to get involved with Stephan, either; it just happened - they had both gotten swept away by circumstances. But neither Lisbet nor Bekah would ever believe that. Janele knew that -- all of it, from the romance with Lisbet to the cheating with Stephan -- would just escalate more and more. Already she was being cut out from parts the entire department knew she deserved. Janele couldn't take it anymore.

She jammed the keys in the ignition, taking a small comfort from the familiar rumble of the engine.

Janele pushed a wayward lock of hair out of her face and concentrated on keeping a merry smile on her face as she served the last of her customers. Thank God Faire types tended not to be quite so stereotypical when it came to the tavern wenches; she didn't have to be concerned with uninvited advances. After UCSB, she wasn't quite sure how she would handle that, but it would likely be messy.

She cast a surreptitious glance at the Tarot tent next door. That same tent had been in that same location for the last two Faires, which was unusual. Locations tended to change from Faire to Faire, just based on the site they were at. This Faire, though, Janele intended to check it out. The temptation to at least look at the card sets in there was well-nigh unbearable, and she had enough money, finally, to give in to it.

"Lance! I'm off!" She called to the bartender, who waved an acknowledging hand before turning back to Maryan, who kept right on talking. Janele kilted up her skirts and hurried over to the Tarot tent, throwing aside the flap.

It was dim and cool inside, a welcome change from the heat of working outside at the tavern. Janele wandered around the tables, lightly fingering different decks. One table, set a bit farther back, contained a partial spread, but only about 6 cards were laid out, and no others appeared on the table.

A short, plump woman emerged from a curtained off area at the back of the tent. "Hello, darling! Do you like those? They're rare, no decks to go with them. Very special cards!" the woman gushed.

Janele eyed her carefully, judging her harmless. "They're pretty, but wouldn't they be worth less without the complete deck?" she asked, running a caressing finger over the Sun. A subtle warmth seemed to emanate from it. Her hand brushed the Two of Wands, next to it.

The woman seemed to see some change in Janele's face, for she dropped the gushing act. She took Janele's hand in both of hers. "My name is Eshabelle, and you would be Janele Helias. These cards, they like you. You must have them." Janele tried to pull away, but Eshabelle had a surprisingly strong grasp. "No, no, I would hear no protest. I have been keeping these cards for you, Janele, for the one they want."

Janele pulled her hand away sharply, suddenly a little frightened. "No, I couldn't ... " but she couldn't help giving a longing glance at the cards, either. Eshabelle noticed the glance. "Well ... I ... " Suddenly she had an inspiration. "I'll accept the cards on two conditions - if you do a reading for me, with these two--" pointing at the Sun and the Two of Wands "--in the deck, and if I find two complete decks here that I'll buy."

Eshabelle immediately presented Janele with the Motherpeace deck and the Shapeshifter deck. Janele's eyes grew huge, and she reached for the decks with both hands. Eshabelle slipped the two specified cards on top of the decks, and pulled Janele into the back of the tent.

Janele clutched the cards and decks to her chest with both hands. She stumbled back to her own tent in a daze, shocked by the entire experience. Eshabelle had told her a lot - past, future; it was all too much for Janele to absorb right then. The two single cards were warm in her hands.

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