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PART I - Your Character: Mortal Form

Name: Shashini Vanaja
Meaning: vanaja : hindi, 'forest girl'
shashini : hindi, 'belonging to the moon'
Age: 16
Birth Date/Zodiac Sign: January 28 / Aquarius
Blood Type: A - The Japanese stereotype for A blood type is "nervous, introverted, honest, loyal." Shas is all of these except nervous. Being a diplomat's daughter teaches you to be calm always.
Likes: Nouns and please describe why your character likes them ^^;
Dislikes: Nouns, be a dear and please describe why your character dislikes them.
Hobbies: Verbs, not nouns. Describe why/when/how your character does these.

Your character's name is Shashini.
Face Shape: 
Skin Tone: golden olive
Eye Colour: brilliant green
Hair Colour: silver / auburn
Hair Characteristics: straight, waist length, braids/loose, no bangs, no part
Height: 5'8"
Build: muscled
Special Marks: body scar, no mark



Shashini was born in New Delhi. As a child, she was insatiably curious about nature and was never very comfortable in the bustle of the city. As she grew older, Shashini became increasingly dissatisfied with life as a diplomat's daughter. Her mother continally tried to make her into the perfect hostess/society girl, and Shashini would have none of it. Her dislike of city life culminated in her publicly embarrassing her parents at an important reception. To avoid any further 'problems', Shashini's parents arranged for her to join her mother's brother in Sydney. Because Shashini begged it of her father, who adores his only daughter, she was given leave to rent a small apartment at the outskirts of the city. Her mother fought strongly against this, mostly because she and Shashini have never gotten along. They fight often and loudly when Shashini is home, which is rarely now-a-days.
Describe your family/friends here! You are allowed a maximum of 8 NPCS /in ALL/ this includes past and present x_o; so ... uhh ... yeah. And please try to keep the NPC number below 6. That way you can have 2 parents both past and present and a few siblings/buddies.

PART II - Your Character: Back in Da Day, yo.

Name: NOT your senshi name but the name your character had on mythos. Some suggestions are alternate names for your character's senshi (Ex: SailorEos was named Aya. Aya is the goddess of the sun/dawn in an ancient mesopotamian religion ... if I recall)
Meaning: Meaning or origin of the name.
Note* Not ALL characters are exactly the same now as they were back on Mythos. If there were any differences (ex: Your character was 20 on Mythos, now she's 14, she loves flowers but she was horribly allergic to them on mythos) mention them here. If they were completely different I expect you to write up a FULL personality for this b/c it's almost as if you have two characters. =x.
What they looked like/wore back in the day. ^^;;
From birth to ceremony to time at the Academy to now. :B LOTS of details... yeeesssss...
You are allowed a maximum of 8 NPCS /in ALL/ this includes past and present x_o; so ... uhh ... yeah. And please try to keep the NPC number below 6. That way you can have 2 parents both past and present and a few siblings/buddies. In the past, most of your buddies will probably be your fellow senshi :P

PART III - Your Character: Henshin yo!

Senshi Name & Position: Sailor Artemis, Senshi of Ice, the Huntress
Challenge: "With the frozen arrows of Artemis, I'll teach you respect."
Symbol: the kanji for tree, ki
Brooch: a simple round palm-sized dark green locket with her symbol in silver on the top. It does not open.
Fuku: ---> PICTURE HERE (by Salior Freak :D)
The Mythos senshi fuku is a single peice minidress type of clothing. The (primary) color starts at the bottom at comes up to the breast. From mid brest up is white, and straight down the center is a strip of white that goes outward in a V shape (that makes no sense, look at the picture =/). The base fuku has LONG SLEEVES it is NOT SLEEVELESS X_O; but apparently everyone wants it to be ;.;
The mythos senshi fuku has a sailor collar which comes in the primary color, and a bow attached which is secondary color. The broach lies in the center of the bow ^^;. Gloves come up to the elbow, the two ring extensions on them are colored primary and secondary colors. Footwear is up to you!
Henshin: Artemis Goddess Power, Make up!
With her dark green locket in hand, Shashini thrusts her arm into the air and shouts, "Artemis Goddess Power, make-up!" She brings the locket down to her chest. Light and dark crescents explode from it, swirling around her from toe to top and creating her sailor suit. She strikes her pose, right knee up in posse, left hand behind her back, right hand overhead. Her symbol is in the background.
"Artemis Freezing Illusion!"
Her spell, which freezes the target in a block of ice. It's separate from her bow and arrows. Sailor Artemis digs her right foot in and turns slightly to the left, pointing her right index finger at the enemy and says, "Artemis . . ." She draws the fingers of her right hand in a v-shape, like Sailor V, over her eyes, saying, "Freezing . . ." Then she snaps her hand out to point at the target and says, "Illusion!" A fan-shaped spray of bluish-greenish light flashes out of her hand and strikes the target, freezing a 2 foot-circular area of their body in solid ice. It doesn't matter what the light hits, it will always create the ice. It will behave just like normal ice, ie when heat is applied it melts, but only after it has hit something and become the ice.
Weapon: Moonlight Bow
Artemis' Bow is equipped with arrows formed of frozen silvery light, which have the effect of freezing a small part of whatever they touch.

Part IV - Your Character: Wrapping It Up.

Character Secrets: I'm not sure if this should really count as a secret, as it must/will come out in gameplay, but Shashini is Lilavati's first? cousin. That's why she has a Hindi name, and etc.


Shashini ran down the streets of Sydney. 'Of all the times for my bike to have a flat tire!' she thought, panting. She skidded to a stop in front of Tyndale Christian School, smoothed her dark hair, and settled her skirt. She was unusually inattentive during classes, and kept twitching in her seat to look out the windows. When school was finally let out for the day, Shashini ran out as fast as she could. Never had a building felt so close and claustrophobic!

When at last she collapsed, gasping, against a tree, she wasn't really sure where she was. Forcing herself to take deep breaths, she looked around, dark eyes flicking over the trees, flowers, and bushes. Something wasn't right here. Something wasn't as it should be. With quick economical movements, she climbed the tree she was leaning against, to come face to face with another girl! A dark-haired, dark-eyed girl, who resembled herself at a younger age.

Shashini only barely saved herself from falling off the branch she was perched on. Before she had time to speak, however, a huge 'WHOOSH' caught her attention. With careful agility, she dropped out of the tree into a crouch. A flicker of movement caught her eye, and she turned to see a large, ill-defined monster. "Uhoh!" she exclaimed. Unwisely, as it turned out, for the monster heard her and began to move toward her. Shashini's mind was racing. 'What do I do now? I'm fast, but I don't think I can outrun this thing its legs are longer than mine!'

A funny 'sparkle' noise chimed, and a silvery locket materialized before her, dropping to the ground. 'This is my answer,' Shashini realized. She reached for it. As soon as her fingers touched it, a sort of shimmer of energy ran up her arm and into her body. She heard a voice in her head.

"This is the locket of a Champion of Justice. Do you have the courage to take up the burden of being My Champion on Earth, Shashini? Once you accept, there is no going back. You will be changed forever," the voice said.

"Who are you?" Shashini asked.

"I am Artemis, goddess of the hunt and the crescent moon."

Without hesitation, Shashini replied, "I accept."

"Artemis Goddess Power, make-up!" Bands of moonlight wrapped around Shashini, transforming her. A feeling of power filled Shashini as a bow materialized in her gloved hand. When the moonlight vanished, she had been changed into the Champion of Justice, Sailor Artemis!


Anything you wanted to include ^^;
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