Character Name: Autumn Skye Weston

Clearly, her parents wanted to make her life miserable. ^^ No, not really. Autumn likes her name. I shouldn't have to explain the meanings to you.
Nickname: none to speak of. Maybe sometimes a Japanese character would call her Aki or Aki-chan.
Age: 18
Musical Instrument: piano, flute, guitar, sax, oboe, drums [see history] Autumn is particularly skilled with guitar.
Musical Inspiration: Autumn has never needed to be inspired to music. She likes the limelight, and experimented with every type of stage ability in existence. When she discovered an actual talent for music, she threw all other options out the window and focused her considerable willpower on becoming the best musician. Her musical influences include: Fastball, Barenaked Ladies, Josie and the Pussycats [movie soundtrack; yes, I know the movie was horrid], Citizen King, the Indigo Girls, and Sting. She considers herself horrid at lyrics, but hides a journal of them in her room.

Appearance: black and white sketch

Autumn stands at 5'10" in her bare feet, unusually tall for a girl. If she wasn't so into music, she probably could have had a career as a model, although her looks aren't perfect. She has a very sensual appearance about her, very fresh and appealing. Her image would work equally well as the innocent schoolgirl, the fresh-faced farmgirl, the wickedly fascinating la bombshell, or just about anything else.

Autumn wears her wavy hair hanging loose to the middle of her back usually. Slightly layered in cut, there are no bangs to speak of, and it parts naturally slightly to the left side of her face. Her natural colour is a medium brunette, but she prefers to dye it to a red so dark it comes out as burgundy. Sunlight strikes copper highlights in the colour.

Her eyes are a pure, clear crystal gray, easily reflecting colour from her clothing or surroundings. They bear a very slight sadness to them, although Autumn is unaware that this look is in her eyes still. Her natural expression is slightly sad as well, but ready to break into a broad smile at any provocation. Her heavy eyebrows have no arch at all, and she likes it that way. She's perfected a sceptical arch of one brow to use on people who annoy her.

Autumn's skin is the one absolutely perfect feature about her. Completely unblemished and freckleless, it's the creamy peach of the true redhead, although Autumn isn't a redhead. She tans lightly, burns with difficulty, and easily maintains a flawless look to her face. She almost never wears makeup.

Autumn's true striking characteristic is the two tattoos she has: one on her right cheek, an abstract double line design, and another on her left shoulder, a more curving design. [please see picture for better visuals of the tattoos]. Both tattoos are in solid black. Habitually, Autumn wears clothing that shows off her tattoo, meaning tanktops and tubetops. She will wear almost any colour but black.


Unsurprisingly, Autumn is the kind of person you would expect would want to be a musician or other famous person. She has a vital and highly charged temperament. Her potential is high, but her control of the enormous level of passion and temper she possesses is often lacking. Emotions are strong with her. She tends to become very emotional and personally involved in problems or debates; it may be an understatement to say that her likes and dislikes are well-defined. She is a DRAMA QUEEN, and well-known to rage if something important doesn't go her way. She learned at a young age that success and happiness depended on maintaining full control over her emotions and feelings, but that control is hard-won, and the effects when it slips are legendary.

Autumn is extremely self-confident and positive, with a great deal of pride. She possesses a natural magnetism that draws people toward her, but there is much more emotionalism than mental depth in her makeup. She's not the type of person that anyone ever walks over. Her reputation is vitally important to her, and she tries to make every effort to make a good impression by her appearance and demeanor. To further her purposes, she attempts to maintain a cheerful, good-natured exterior that rarely exposes her inner core of hardness and resolve.

She is not a secretive person, but she has no tact, and subtlety is just a word in the dictionary to her. All the same, she will never make a promise she won't try to keep, and what seems just a casual agreement to others she will consider as binding on herself. Lying in a good cause she can handle, but make anything complex and she won't be able to keep it up. This is not due to any lack of brainpower, but rather to her natural aversion to decieving people. Autumn's word is all-important to her, and 99% of the time if she says it you can count on it the way you can count on gold in Ft. Knox.

Self-doubt is something she absolutely will not display. Despite her aversion to deception, keeping people in the dark about her 'shadow-spots', doubts, and depressions is a constant with her. She may not walk around constantly overflowing with happiness, but unless something is SERIOUSLY wrong, you won't know. The natural backswing to her high moods and apparent constant smile is a period of depression and self-doubt, but for the most part these periods only drive her to work harder and be better. She won't settle for less than being the best at whatever she sets her heart on.

Logic, intuition, or reason, all these mean very little to her in the way of decision-making, instead reacting on pure instinct. she is known to be more than a little hypocritical at times, holding others to high moral standards she can't always reach. Everything colored by her personal biases, she lacks objectivity, detachment, and tact. She wants power, and the power of a celebrity will suit her fine. Hesitation is not a facet of her makeup at all, and when she thinks about what she is going to do, her mind works so quickly most people can't tell she stopped to think at all. She knows her purpose and she heads straight for it. Determined and shrewd and essentially dramatic, she sees herself being the main character occupying center stage.


Autumn was born. She grew up. She became famous.

Oh, wait, you wanted to know what came BEFORE that! Right, right. Okay. Autumn was indeed born, first and only, to a family which contained a distinguished professor of philosophy, an enviromental theorist, and a number of cousins, all competing for attention. It didn't take Autumn long to become the darling of everybody's hearts, and the bane of their days, depending on her mood. Explosions of temper were frequent at first, until Big Papa [otherwise known as grandfather or Anthony Weston] took the child in hand and explained in adult language about keeping one's temper.

After that, Autumn was a model, if loud, child, and she took off in precosity. She taught herself to read at 4, played recognisible piano tunes at 6, and began to annoy her fellow students into fisticuffs by 7. Her lack of tact and overbearing intelligence drove her classmates mad and made her a very difficult student, but Autumn didn't give a damn. She'd found music, and that was all that mattered to her. She studied piano, then added flute in 5th grade. Middle school saw the addition of self-taught guitar to the intrument rack, and the beginnings of her secret lyrics journal. Her musical abilities grew by leaps and bounds, and she began to attempt to add a new instrument every year. All her free time was taken up by practise.

By high school, Autumn began to talk of going away to some school specifically for musical talents ... only to discover that the family finances would not support it. Nothing daunted, she set about achieving her dream in another way; instead of musical success in the orchestra or band, she would achieve it on the pop stage. That quickly changed to the alternative stage, then the funk stage, then the heavy metal stage. She started work in a music-instruments store, and spent more and more money in musical equipment. By senior year, she felt confident enough to begin forming her own band.

In a life that until then had been breezy and simple with few serious challenges, Autumn had no idea what to do when she hit a real one. And forming her own band was a MUCH larger challenge than she had ever realised. At this point, she has no idea where to turn or how to go about achieving her objective.

Writing Sample:

Autumn bent her red head over her prized Fender guitar, ostensibly tuning. As she had been engaged in said activity for the last 10 minutes, the guitar was quite finely tuned. Not that Autumn Weston would EVER display something even so much as resembling nerves -- unless she was acting, in which case it wasn't real -- especially not in front of people, and even more especially not in front of people she was supposed to be impressing.

For a third audition, she reminded herself, she shouldn't be nervous. And definitely not showing it. Staying bent over the guitar, she picked out a soft rhythm, then another, faster melody line.

"A bit louder, perhaps?" Autumn barely controlled her startled jerk. She'd forgotten there was anyone else here! 'THAT was impressive,' she noted to herself, before lifting her head and warily meeting the eyes of Adelaide Cromwell, head CEO of Random Peach Inc. She had no idea why the head CEO was doing an audition, and frankly, she didn't give a fat damn.

The woman produced a false, oily smile and gestured with one fat, beringed hand. "Go on, dear."

Autumn slewed her eyes sideways. The woman really was ugly. And annoying. And fake. Autumn hated fake people. Abruptly she switched off the amp and began to unplug her equipment.

"Whereever are you going, dear? Surely that's not all you can do? I hardly expect anyone will be impressed enough with that little effort and surely you aren't nervous, why with all the things one hears about you I had expected a musical genius --"

Autumn cut her off. "I AM a musical genius. I play six instruments with more than passing familiarity, I write songs, I write lyrics --" she hadn't meant to say that but her tongue got away from her "-- and you wouldn't know a good musician if one peed on your head. I hate fake people."

Adelaide blinked at her, obviously taken aback. Clearly those "things" hadn't included a treatment of Autumn's famous temper or tactlessness. Autumn took advantage of the silence to sweep up her things and stalk out the door. Really, Billy needed to do a better job of arranging auditions if that was the best he could do.

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