Zabreneva / Sailor Dawnfire

          Vital Statistics
Japanese Name N/A
Nicknames Zabri-chan
English Name Zabreneva Rabipolej (Dragon 'golden dawnfire crystal star crown')
Gender female
Birthday March 3
Sun Sign Pisces
Blood Type unknown
Height 5'7"
Hair Colour strawberry blonde
Hair Style half ponytail
Eye Colour blue gray
Skin Colour golden rose
Body Build medium
Face Shape triangle
          Personality Statistics
Strength strength of her power
Weakness fear of her power
Hobbies Celtic dance, flute
          Senshi Statistics
Senshi Name Sailor Dawnfire
Super Sailor Dawnfire
Sailor Star Dawnfire
Position Independent Senshi
Element dawn flame
Symbol rising sun symbol
Fighting Style offense
Items & Weapons henshin pen
Other Titles Heiress to the Sun
          Henshin & Attacks
Fire of Dawn Transform Dawnfire Encircle
Arashi Rings Flame
Celestial Golden Dawn
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