Kanashimi / Sailor DeathDancer

          Vital Statistics
Japanese Name Koi Kanashimi (deep sorrow)
Nicknames Kana-chan, Shimi-chan
Gender female
Birthday September 25
Sun Sign Libra
Blood Type unknown
Height 5'4"
Hair Colour black
Hair Style braided loops pinned up
Eye Colour aqua
Skin Colour porcelain pale
Body Build slender
Face Shape oval
          Personality Statistics
Strength level of her power
Weakness length of recovery time
Hobbies singing, song-writing
          Senshi Statistics
Senshi Name Sailor DeathDancer
Super Sailor DeathDancer
Position Independent Senshi
Element destruction
Symbol multipointed star
Fighting Style offense
Items & Weapons henshin pen; sword
Other Titles Phoenix's follower
          Henshin & Attacks
Dosei Dance Power, make up Crystal Illusion Song
Illusion Ribbons Strike
Silence Explosion
Dance of Death Whirlwind
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