Mieke / Kai

Character Info:

Name: Mieke Xi'an (Me-ay-kay Shy-an)

Meaning: sea child

Goes by: Mieke

Nickname: Mie

Sex: female

Age: 17

Birthday: May 30

Lives Where: Apaato ni Mizuumi

Family Members: family is at home in China

Hair Color: dark brown

Eye Color: crystal green

Height: 55"

Weight: 130

Physical/Emotional Description: Mieke is a confident and friendly girl. She draws her confidence from her ability to defend herself and from her hereditary power over water. She is moderately smart, but not noticably so. She is very oriental looking, but has strange green eyes. She is lithe and agile, dancer-like, but she doesn't like to dance. The closest she'll get is the capoeira art, a brazilian martial dance form.

Hobbies: hung gar kung-fu (rank equivalent to brown belt), capoeira martial arts (blue cord rank)

School: Briarwood Private School

Friends: Kerri, others unknown

Love Interest: was to be Shayar, but he died before they truly fell in love

History: Mieke is from a small village in the Himalayas of China. It has reminded isolated for hundreds of years, and Mieke is the first person from there in that time to move into the outer world. The village remained isolated because they were protecting Mieke's family, which has special powers. One member in each generation, marked by the green eyes, has the hereditary power.
For these years, the family and village had been preparing for the day when they were needed. they trained their members in the capoeira martial dance form from infancy, and each new power-holder is supposed to choose another martial art to utilize as well, so they stay flexible.
With Mieke the village decided that day had come. They sent her to the best school they could find, which happened to be Briarwood Private in Tokyo, Japan. Mieke is well prepared for self defense, but the outside world is a little frightening.


Name: Kai

Team: Independent

Uniform: loose pants and sports-bra-like laced leather top, leather-and-bead ties on arms and legs

          1. Aqua Mystery Spray - It begins with a single drop of water, splashing into a large puddle of water that Kai is apparently standing in. She spins around, and water gathers around her. She says, "Aqua Mystery Spray!", and releases a large wave of water at the target. It creates fog, ice, or a wave, as she desires.

          2. Snowflake Chain - Kai moves her hand in a counter-clockwise circle, with an ice trail following. She cries, "Snowflake Chain!" and a line of snow flies out from her hand. It can be used as a whip, chain, or to create ice, as she desires.

          3. Wave Dance - Kai brushes a hand across her mouth and blows a kiss, then whispers, "Wave Dance." Ice sprays out from her fingertips.

Weapons: hands and feet

Items: Aqua ring - stores power

Strengths / Weaknesses: agility, stubbornness, (over)confidence, likes to show off
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