Sionaya / Kikkyou Reishi

Character Info:


Name(s): Sionaya Elehayym (Shon-aya)
Meaning(s): unknown
What they go by: Sionaya
Nickname(s): Sion (Shon), 'Naya
Sex: female
Age: appears in her late 20's, objectively some 500 years old, subjectively has lived 53 years
Birthday: September 25th
Lives: Tokyo University dorms
Family member(s): Negaverse / Kuroinin: mother Yupal, unknown father, twin sister Alasen, half-brothers Tige Saltz / Dark Sailor and Stephen

Physical Description: Sionaya is short (5'2" on her tall days) and very slender, only 110 lbs. She has long dark red hair that reaches past her waist, which she usually wears in a backward french braid. Wisps constantly escape to caress her face. Her eyes are a sort of variable colour, ranging from a blue gray to a sort of green. That depends on clothing. She has an oval shaped face and a golden olive complexion. This description makes her seem very beautiful but in truth she's kind of plain, or maybe merely pretty is a better description.
Sionaya goes in for the elegant popular sorority girl look. Lots of tanktops, moderately tight pants things that fit closely. She likes to show off her body, but not really in a sexual way more like a dancer's way. If you see what I mean.

Emotional Description: Sionaya can be a BRAT. Most of her professors hate her. She is brilliant, but she appears extremely sceptical and will challenge anything you say. She's got this arched-brow look that can make you feel like you should just sink through the floor, because you are not worthy. Despite all this, she can be likable. Un-orthodox, but likable. Her private self is very different from her public appearance, and for a reason. It's her way of keeping people from finding out about her Negaverse / Kuroinin origins.

Hobbies: basically, anything associated with the stage. Dance, acting, singing, tech (rarely), harp. She's actually composed some few lyric / melody pieces, but only performs them in private.
Friend(s): Seiko Sakura, a close human friend they perform together. Sionaya calls her Seiko-hime as a joke.
School(if any): Tokyo University
Love Interest (if any): *sweatdrop* let me think about it

History: Sionaya's lived some 500 years, but the majority of that time has been spent in a sort of "living death", basically cold-sleep. Thus she actually remembers 53 years of life. "Remembers" isn't really the right word, but anyway. She was born to Negaverse parents and never really knew her half brothers. Sometime near when she was 16, something horrible happened that caused she and her sister to be split up. As often happens with traumatic events, she can't remember much at all.
That was the first time she went into cold sleep. She was woken up to be trained for the attack on Earth by Queen Beryl, never used, and slapped back into the sleep at the Negaverse's defeat. She was reawoken a little less than 30 years ago, and has been a part of Tokyo culture since. She keeps a human / mundane front up to fool the government.

Warrior Info:

Name(s): Kikkyou Reishi (Sun / Shadow Sister)
Team / Side: Kuroinin
Symbol: gah I'll have one, an image I mean in a bit it's an old symbol from the show, Nephrite's. I know we're not supposed to make show references, but in this case I can't help it.
Warrior Physical Description: black stirrup pants, black suede ankle boots with foldover tops, black tanktop. Two silver rings, one on each hand. Black choker with her symbol in silver.
Transformation : fairly simple. No words. She concentrates, raising her hands over her head and placing them palm to palm. A cone of dangerous energy whirls down from her hands and fades into the ground and she is transformed.

    1. Levin bolts - the ability to conjure bolts of pure power / will / energy from her hands (basically, arrows of pure magickal power and force of will). These may take various forms, ie lightning, fireball, glittering cloud, etc. These can stun, burn, suffocate, or other effects, entirely dependent on the form she chooses to conjure them in. For example, a fireball levin will burn you, a lightning bolt levin will burn / electrocute you, and a simple stone levin would knock you out.
Damage is done on mental, physical, and spiritual levels, and it draws energy from Kikkyou at all these levels. While they can be visible physically, psychics and those with the Sight can always see them. The levin bolts are blockable by any magick with equal or more power. Also, they'll explode against whatever they hit first. This includes mental shields, force fields, ghostly forms, and the odd physical object.
The general power level of a levin bolt is about the same as Sailormoon's Tiara attack. Kikkyou can increase the power level, but not without serious cost to herself. Using her absorption power does help, and any levin bolt thrown with absorbed power will be significantly stronger. Unfortunately, it will also retain the elemental orientation it had in the beginning, ie power absorbed from an ice attack will remain icy.
    2. She also has the ability to capture the power / will / energy between her two hands and, well, play with it. She can form it into balls, bars of light, or other things. It still has power, but only as long as it touches her hand. So, if she's juggling balls of coloured light, don't touch them because they can hurt you.
    3. Lastly, being a person of magickal power gives her the ability to absorb a certain small amount of magickal energy from any given attack. She can only absorb a small amount though; otherwise the power is too much for her to handle. It is a continuous ability, as long as she gets rid of the absorbed power somehow, either by throwing it back at you or draining it off into the ground.

Weapons: none
Items: none

Strengths/Weaknesses: All of these powers are dependant on her ability to concentrate at least a little bit. The more concentration she can get, the more facile she'll be with them. Her span, right now, under battle conditions, is about a minute or so. She has a slight tendency to get distracted with other things (plans / homework / seeking her twin / etc.) during battle as well.

Slogan: none
Other titles: unknown

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