Name: Midorikawa Kiseki, called Kiseki or Ki'ki
Meaning: miracle green water
Gender: female
Position: club president

Age: 16
School: T*A Private Academy, year one
Birthday: March 17
Zodiac: Pisces

Hobbies: Sci-fi Club; drawing Digimon (real and imagined); reading sci-fi-fantasy; doing computer stuffs; studying as much Digimon knowledge as she can find
Likes: Star Trek; Star Wars; Macs; pastel colours
Dislikes: Hallowe'en; studying history; alligators and other reptiles
Aspirations: to be the world's foremost expert on Digimon

Theme song: Mysterious Night, from Bubblegum Crisis

Kiseki is sensitive and idealistic, "tuned in" to everything happening in her world and to everyone around her. She is often caught up in impractical plans and ideas, absorbing the mental outlook of those around her, for better or for worse. She makes workable choices, if sometimes emotional and erratic. Often these decisions are made on hunches and feelings with little or no foundation in fact.

Creative, spiritual and often a bit mystical, she can be impractical and illogical. She's a moody and introspective person, and it's hard for others to understand her. It's hard for her to understand herself sometimes, and she varies from being optimistic to being acutely pessimistic. Although she sometimes seems very shy and unassuming, she cares deeply about her stature and succeeding in her endeavors. She has a deeply hidden inner pride and when this is attacked in any way, she reacts emotionally.

Compassionate, tolerant, kind, and loving, she can be easily influenced by others because she doesn't want to hurt anyone. Usually charming and likable, she is good to those in distress, as fond of animals as of people.

She is sympathetic to the world's unfortunate, including every stray animal and helpless soul she meets. She is usually more concerned with others' well-being than her own. She is always there with a shoulder to cry on for her friends in need. Sometimes people take advantage of her compassionate nature.

She lacks an adequate sense of self-confidence, being very sensitive, shy and introspective. She feels that she never does enough, often overworking, and stressing her physical body. But in her quiet way, she accomplishes much. She has a natural tendency to become a workaholic, and requires a generous amount of escape time, preferably with total solitude. She is very adaptable and pliable and has to fight to resist the impulses of the moment.

Appearance :
Hair: Kiseki has hair of a dark violet shade. It parts in the centre, hanging straight to the bottom of her shoulder blades, and she tries to keep neat bangs.
Eyes: Kiseki has slightly slanted crystal blue-violet eyes, which usually seem wide with innocence and naïveté. Thin wispy lashes frame her eyes, matching the equally thin, delicately arched eyebrows.
Face: Kiseki's general face shape is triangular, which gives her a pointed chin and an elfin appearance. High cheekbones and tiny ears enhance the look, although the stubborn set of her jaw when she's being thwarted shows her to be all too human.
Build: Kiseki's about five feet four inches, with a slight body frame and not much musculature or shape to her. She appears as though one could break her with one hand, and often suffers from bruises and bumps. Kiseki's skin tone is a pale rosy peach.
Voice: Like her physical build, Kiseki's voice is very fragile-seeming. She speaks in a light, clear soprano, and sometimes stutters under heavy pressure.
Dress: For school Kiseki wears the T*A school uniform. Out of classes, she wears skirts and jumpsuits in pastel colours. She dresses conservatively most of the time, and actually looks sort of preppy instead of like a sci-fi buff.


Kiseki was born the only child to a happy Kyoto family. As a little girl she was very happy and cheerful, engaged in lots of activities. She did moderately well in elementary grade school, and began to show promise for near genius-level intelligence. Kiseki's parents wanted the best for their little girl, so they sent her to live with her father's sister in Tokyo and enrolled her in T*A Academy.

Although Kiseki was sad at parting from her mother and father, she wants to achieve the best she can in school. She gets along with her aunt fairly well, and in fact is grateful to her aunt for introducing her to most of the people who became the Sci-fi Club. Because T*A is an elevator school, she never had to worry about studying for high school entrance exams, and consequently had more time to devote to the Club, which is why she's now president.

Kiseki has never been on a date and never really found a guy she's interested in, either. Romance isn't her cup of tea, as she's much too shy to make any advances and much too pessimistic to believe that a guy could be interested in her. She does enjoy every bit of romance in her favourite books, though.

Random tidbits from life ... when she was seven Kiseki nearly got herself killed while rollerblading to school; she wasn't looking where she was going and crossed the street right in front of an oncoming bus. Terror lent wings to her feet, but Kiseki's never been quite comfortable crossing streets since. When she was eleven she got into her first and only fist-fight with a classmate who insulted her intelligence and artwork once too many times. The amount of trouble that occasioned taught Kiseki that if she needed to redress an insult it was far better to give the person enough rope to hang themselves, so to speak, and not get involved herself.

Writing Sample:

Kiseki pressed play on her aunt's DVD player and settled back to draw. She always enjoyed the opening credits of Star Trek: Voyager, almost as much as she enjoyed the show. It was too bad the rest of the Club was busy today, but Kiseki never had any problem being alone. She set pencil to paper and began to sketch the first thing that came to mind.

A Digimon form began to take shape on the page, wide wings and long hair predominating. Angewoman was always Kiseki's favourite Digimon of all the Digimon their Club had found any information about. It had been a long time since they had found anything new, though. It was almost as if ... the digital world had been cut off from the real world somehow.

She had not been the first to see a Digimon. That -- dubious -- honour belonged to another member of the Club. But of them all, Kiseki felt, she was the one who had the most drive to find out more. She wanted to know more about all Digimon, as much as she could find out. Her pencil moved smoothly over the paper, even as she remembered the history of the Club.

They had begun simply as a group of friends who enjoyed getting together and doing sci-fi related things. They had begun in elementary school, gone through middle school together, helped each other with entrance exams every year -- not all the members of the Club were the same age, naturally. They might all go to different schools, but the shared interests were enough to bind them far closer than simple classmates. What had started informally had abruptly become formalised when they discovered the existence of Digimon and the digital world.

Pausing in her drawing, Kiseki's hand lightly touched her PalmPilot where she kept all the information the Club had on Digimon, triple passworded and always with her. She had spent her own money on it, and no-one else was allowed to touch it without permission. Perks were good. So were after-school jobs.

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