Asamoya / Ashni / Sailormystara

Character Info:
Given Name: Okurimono Asamoya
Any Others: Ashni
What they go by: Asamoya
Meaning(s): morning mist gift; lightning
Gender: female
Age: 17
Birthday: November 17
Eye Colour: misty gray
Hair Colour: silvery blonde
Hair Length: midback
Hair Style: twinned braids, pinned up
Face Shape: heart
Skin Colour: golden rose
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 136
Body Type: slender
Typical Clothing: Asamoya dresses plainly, the better to blend in to the crowd. She tends to wear blues and purples, and doesn’t really have much to do with fashion. She is much more likely to just throw something on in the morning than she is to spend hours choosing her clothes. However, for special occasions, she will dress up quite a bit and leave everyone wondering who the ‘lovely silver-haired girl’ was.
Typical Jewelry:
Distinguishing characteristics/personality: Asamoya is petite, but strongly built. She has a powerful frame and short, strong fingers. Her most beautiful feature is her long silvery hair. But for fighting, it gets in the way, so she keeps it pinned up almost all the time. She has eyes almost the same colour as her hair and looks kinda washed out, so she tends to wear dark, cool colours, in the blue-purple range. She dresses like any normal teenager, in order not to draw attention to herself. She is a very quiet, secretive person, with only a very few close friends. She spends more time alone than she does with people, and can usually be found with her nose in a book.
Hobbies: chess, secrets, nature
School: Infinity Academy
Lives where: Infinity Housing
Senshi Identity: Sailor Mystara
Position: Lunarian Senshi
Transformation: Mystara Crystal Power, make-up
Asamoya shouts, “Mystara Crystal Power, make-up!” The symbol of Mystara appears, intertwined with a triple helix, and is enclosed by a silvery violet globe. She raises her pen into the air and the globe drops on top of it, then spirals into a view of Asamoya’s face. During a zoom-out, wind blows upward from her feet, followed by the ribbons of a triple helix. When it passes, Sailor Mystara appears. She strikes her pose, left hand on her hip, right hand held out with a glowing triple helix rising from it, and right foot in a dig by her left foot. Silver ribbons wave against a purple background.
Element: auras and astral power
Symbol: mystara symbol: three intertwined globes with an arrow through them; triple helix
Fighting Style: defense
Fuku: Sailorpluto fuku
Fuku Colours: gray and dark violet
Items: henshin pens: standard henshin pens with silvery violet being the main colour
Slogan: Through the secret mists, the Senshi of Mystery comes to destroy you.
Other Titles: Senshi of Mystery
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