Mau / Kangeki / Sailor Nemesis

Character Info:

Name: Kuraino Mau

Birth Name: Shin'en Kangeki(deep passion)

Meaning: dance of darkness

Goes by: Nemesis

Nickname: n/a

Sex: female

Age: looks late 20s/early 30s

Birthday: October 31

Lives Where: small palace in the Kurai Dimension

Family Members: half-sister Rúadhán

Hair Color: black / silver

Eye Color: gold

Height: 57"

Weight: ~120

Physical/Emotional Description: Not short, but not tall either. Just the right height, especially for intimidating others. This is what Nemesis / Mau does best. Her golden eyes flash forbiddingly at others, and silver streaked black hair makes her look like a witch, in others' opinion. It hangs loose to her feet, enfolding her in a sort of living cloak.
Passion is the emotion Mau loves. Angry passion gives her enemies into her hands, loving passion keeps the men at her feet, intellectual passion enables her to use her talent of lightning control, and hateful passion holds her on track to her ultimate goal: the overthrow of the Empress. Not that Mau sees the Empress as evil. Mau just wants to rule. And she'll sacrifice almost anything for that. Including her allies, if need be. But first she requires something to get her close to the Empress.
To her, the ideal would be to capture Princess Aiyana, present her to the Empress, and kill them both. Her one great weakness is her deep and abiding hatred for all SailorSenshi. Deep inside, she knows she's doing wrong, but refuses to admit it. Pain and anger are what she thrives on, living on the idea that the SailorSenshi betrayed her into the Negaverse.

Hobbies: playing harp and flute

School: no school

Friends: possibly Nightfire, others unknown

Love Interest: anyone she can get to help further her plan

History: Nemesis was born Shin'en Kangeki illegitimately to a cousin of Queen Chikara in the new Millennium. When she entered her teens, she joined her half-sister Myouri and three others in training as the Virtue Senshi; herself as SailorThemis, Myouri as SailorTyche, and SailorNike, SailorAnanke, and SailorAletheia. When they all turned 18, Queen Chikara sent the 5 of them to keep order in the Outer Territories, where a band of outlaws had taken up residence.
Unfortunately for the girls, the outlaws were fairly smart, but in a final pitched battle the Virtue Senshi managed to defeat them. However, SailorAletheia sacrificed herself in order to protect the rest of them. This hit the remaining four Senshi of the team very hard. Myouri remained the most sane, but SailorNike, Kangeki, and SailorAnanke all experienced varying degrees of depression, guilt, and in the case of Ananke, insanity.
They returned to Crystal Tokyo, where poor Ananke had to be locked up. Aletheia's death also marked the beginning of Kangeki's descent into darkness. In order to preserve the other team members' sanity, Chikara arranged for them to travel through time seeking traces of other villians. They met up with the Kuroinin, and Kangeki finally succumbed to the darkness in her soul, becoming Kuraino Mau / SailorNemesis.
She blocked most of the memories of her Senshi days and changed even her appearance. She believes her half-sister and SailorNike betrayed her so that she fell to the Kuroinin. It was she who engineered SailorNike's death before she could return to Crystal Tokyo and the Royal Moon Family. Now she stalks her half-sister in order to finish her revenge.
However, Nemesis fears her Empress will one day find her expendable because of her "tainted" history, so she is also searching for an "appropriate" father for a child who will both carry on the hunt of Rúadhán and be utterly loyal to the Kuroinin.


Name: SailorNemesis

Team: Kuroinin

Uniform: Same as SuperSailor fuku, but grey bodysuit, black skirt etc, silver bows, black gem in tiara, double crescent bow center

Symbol: two crescent moons back2back, one black, one gold

Transformation: Nemesis Darkness power, make-up!

          1. Lightning Hurricane - literal storm of lightning. Think what Palpatine did in "Return of the Jedi."

          2. Sonic Boom - thunder. pure and simple

          3. Lightning Arrow - works like Mars' Flame Sniper

          4. Departure - lightning sparks around her as she vanishes. It's like Zoicite's exit flowers.

          5. minor control - can throw small jolts around at will

Weapons: crossbow

Strengths / Weaknesses: Not the strongest of the Empress's warriors, but definitely the most ruthless. Her power as a SailorSenshi is augmented by her role as a Kuroinin. Her skill with the crossbow is renowned, and superhuman strength means she can fire more rapidly than a normal human. Add her uncanny abilities with lightning, and any sane person would cut and run. But throw her obviously former status as a SailorSenshi in her face and you might get somewhere without feathers decorating your butt.

Slogan: In the name of the coming Darkness, I am the Senshi of Darkness, Sailor Nemesis!

Title: Senshi of Darkness
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