(chrname) Nemesis / Kuraino Mau / Shin'en Kangeki
(meaning) dance of darkness / deep passion
(goby) Mau
(nick) ???
(age) unknown, appears late teens
(sex) female
(birthdate) October 31
(lives) Oosaka
EARTH: Hoshi Myouri / Sailor Tyche
(eyes) gold
(hair) black with silver streaks
(height-feet) 5
(height-inches) 7
(wt) 130 lbs
Physical Description:

Of them all, Mau's appearance has probably changed the least. She remains at 5 feet 7 inches, slender but strongly built. Her eyes are a sharp and rather frightening golden colour, especially when framed by black-as-night hair threaded with silver streaks. Usually said hair is left loose except for two braids, one to either side of her face. Her face is far too strong for classical beauty, with a prominent hawk-like nose and extremely stubborn chin. But she has good bones (whatever that means) and carries herself with confidence.

Clothes, formerly, were black, fitted, and subdued, but since fleeing to the mountains Mau wears martial arts garb or kimonos far more often than street clothes. She could care less if people stared at her in this getup; the main point for her is that she is both comfortable and able to fight should the need arise.
Emotional Description:

The period of madness Mau endured in the Dark Kingdom taught her that no person could survive the darkness without going completely mad; she was being given a second chance. She is far less cold now, although much more aloof than she used to be. Solitude is her most prized possession, and she tends to avoid situations that will put her in contact with people. She has a lot of residual anger to deal with regarding both her sister and her former allies in the Dark Kingdom. Mau often sits long periods of mediation wrestling with this anger.

Mau doesn't quite trust herself as yet. She feels that the period of time she spent within the Dark Kingdom has somehow made her less than human, and she also feels that she has yet to regain that humanity. She doesn't know how she would react if confronted with a provoking situation, and fears the possibilities. This causes her to be even more aloof than usual.

(hobby) meditation, martial arts
(school) none
(friend) none
(love) none

Kangeki was born as Sailor Themis, part of a Team of 5 in the Moon Kingdom, lived and died like any other Senshi -- at the hands of Beryl's henchmen. Reborn in a forgotten time and place, Kangeki's destiny as a Senshi seized on her much sooner than anyone expected, possibly due to the fact of being born to the same family as her partner, Sailor Tyche. Despite their sharing a birthday, she and Myouri are half-sisters.

The Dark Kingdom swiped Kangeki from their school when they were teens, forcing her powers to blossom in a battle against her own sister. She begged Myouri to kill her rather than let the Dark Kingdom take her, but Myouri couldn't do it. The Dark Kingdom seized on the fury she felt at her sister's failure and used it to corrupt her.

Kangeki took on an entirely new identity as Kuraino Mau / Sailor Nemesis, and in time all but forgot her past as a warrior for good. She returned to Earth to hunt down her errant sister, and tracked her to Tokyo, where Nemesis turned her talents to attacks on first the Atlantean Senshi, and then the Senshi from the future. Throughout it all, she attempted to bring Myouri, now Ruadhan, to the Dark Kingdom, but failed, over and over.

In despair, finally, she fled the Dark Kingdom itself, rampaging through the realms of darkness. For years she was the single being the creatures of darkness feared; her rages were legendary, her power enormous, her endurance incredible. Finally even the legions of darkness had had enough, and banded together to take her down.

And take her down they did. They cast her out to Earth again, and left her there to die, broken, bleeding and barely breathing. Even she can't remember how she survived, only that she awoke some time later, completely healed in body. Realising, finally, that she needed to heal her soul as well, Nemesis retreated to the mountains surrounding Oosaka for long periods of meditation. She ventures into town now when she longs for human voices. Mau does not know that her sister is teaching at Kansai Gaidai now.

(warname) Sailor Nemesis
(side) Senshi
(affiliation) Dark Kingdom
Sailor Nemesis' costume appears in black with silver bows. Bodysuit is gray, due to her corruption.
(symbol) black and gold crescents back to back
(trans) Nemesis Darkness Power, make-up
Mau has renounced all her powers, believing they have all been corrupted beyond redemption. However, should she use them ...
(weapon) crossbow
(str/wk) STRENGTHS:
(title) Senshi of Dark Vengeance, Senshi of Revenge, Senshi of Darkness
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