Kaiou Michiru
Sailorneptune, SuperSailorneptune, SailorStarneptune (manga only), Princess Neptune, Soldier of the Sea, Elegant Fighter
March 6
Sun Sign
Blood Type
sea cucumbers
Favourite Colour(s)
marine blue
Favourite Gemstone
Favourite Food(s)
Disliked Food(s)
kikurage mushrooms
Favourite Subject(s)
Disliked Subject(s)
collecting cosmetics
to be a violinist

Michiru is, generally, a fairly calm person. She is elegant, sophisticated, sensual, yet determined and not in the least malleable. Very little fases her, and the driving forces in her life are Haruka and violin playing. She will act instantly to protect those she cares for if she feels they are threatened, and thinks nothing of throwing herself into danger to protect her loved ones.

Michiru is sensitive and idealistic, tuned in to her environment, and aware of as much happening as possible. Creative, spiritual and often a bit mystical, she is occasionally impractical and illogical. Very much a dreamer, she relies on Haruka to provide her with a grounding force, but has the capability to act on her own -- she just prefers not to.

She is a moody and introspective person, varying from being optimistic to being acutely pessimistic, but will toss aside any mood in order to cater to Haruka's darker moods. Rarely shy but occasionally unassuming, she cares deeply about succeeding in her endeavors, and when on a mission focuses on little outside of that mission. She is capable of incredible determination and drive, hiding passion and power beneath a cool, elegant exterior.

Compassionate, tolerant, kind, and loving, she doesn't want to hurt anyone. Always charming and likable, she is gentle with those in distress, and tries to save people from themselves. Gifted in many areas, Michiru accomplishes much in a quiet manner.

All these characteristics become intensified in Sailorneptune. She becomes almost martyr-like, and only now is beginning to admit that battles can be resolved without sacrifice. Neptune is far less gentle than her untransformed self, willing to both endure and inflict far more pain. Her natural compassion is submerged by a driving need to protect her princess and fulfill her mission. She will do anything, including fake a conversion to the enemy side, to win, but equally will drop all pretense if she finds her lover threatened.

Haruka is Michiru's weakness and strength. Haruka is the key to Michiru in many ways, but Michiru has not forgotten the many years she stood alone, and is prepared to do so again.

"A world without Haruka isn't worth having."


**history as depicted by anime/manga**

Kaiou Michiru was born to apparently wealthy parents on March 6. It is unknown what happened to her parents, as she currently lives with Ten'ou Haruka in a plush apartment near the ruins of Mugen Gakuen, and there are no apparent adults in her life. Clearly she has travelled around the world a considerable bit, and is a renowned violinist, with her partner and companion Haruka.

The two share a peculiar relationship, part friendship, part romance, and part battle-partners. While it is unclear how Michiru came to be a Sailor Senshi, it is known that she revealed Haruka's destiny as a Senshi to her, and this is the origin of their peculiar bond. Michiru does not precisely resent her destiny, as it brought to her the woman she loves; however she does not enjoy fighting.

Kaiou Michiru is the reincarnation of the Princess of Neptune and the Soldier of the Sea, Sailorneptune. As such, she wields the power of the ocean and controls the talisman Deep Aqua Mirror, which can view evil approaching. In her former life, she protected the outer reaches of the Solar System and guarded the Silver Millennium from outside invasion.

In her awakening on Earth, she discovers she has a perilous mission: to recover and guard the three Talismans from the Dark Messiah and her Deathbusters. She is cold and ruthless on this mission, although less so than her partner, discovered along the way, and believes herself willing to sacrifice anyone in order to keep the Silence from the Earth.

Michiru is introduced to Haruka by Elsa Gray, a fellow racer, and immediately recognises the blonde racer as her former partner. She takes it upon herself to recall Haruka to her former self, but is met by stubborn resistance initially. It isn't until Haruka herself is attacked that the blonde Senshi recalls her sense of duty and rejoins her partner.

Little does Michiru know that the Talismans reside in herself and her two compatriots. After sacrificing herself to protect Sailoruranus, Michiru is revived by the return of her Talisman at Sailorpluto's hand, and resumes her true mission as outer System Guardian of Sailormoon and the Sailor Senshi. It is during this period that she and Haruka feel impelled to test their Princess, discovering in the process that her merciful attitude conceals amazing power, and does not betoken inability to use it.

She and Haruka take the child-form of Hotaru from Tomoe Souichi to raise on their own, and begin a period of quiet tranquillity raising the child. Hotaru's rapid growth, however, alerts them to the appearance of first the Dead Moon Circus, and then Shadow Galactica. When Nehelenia's mirror paredories attack, Setsuna joins the three to complete the Outer Senshi, and not long after all four gain the powerup to Super forms.

They join the battle against Galaxia, but in order to defeat the Golden Senshi, Michiru and Haruka hatch a daring plan that involves their apparent defection. However, the plan backfires when they discover that not even Galaxia's own power can defeat the Senshi of Chaos. Once again, Michiru dies, clasping hands with Haruka. They are revived, later, when Eternal Sailormoon revives all the Senshi, and rejoin Setsuna and Hotaru.


**created history** (to explain the missing bits above)

At a young age, Michiru evinced her remarkable ability to play the violin, and with encouragement from her parents quickly became a local star. As she grew older, she displayed more talents, including painting, teaching, composition, and other art styles. Michiru has many skills, and while playing the violin is her favourite, she does not know what she would choose if she had to pick one. At about age fourteen, Michiru became first a national then international star violin player. She began to tour, at first with her parents. When they discovered that her touring was cutting into their worktime overmuch, they released her to the care of a guardian and her own responsibility.

Michiru hasn't seen her parents in several years, although she sends them postcards and so forth. She dismissed her guardian around the same time as she discovered her destiny as a Sailor Senshi; in fact, because of that discovery. This was before the start of the Deathbusters' attack. She dreamed, one night, of a renowned pianist attacked by a hideous monster. In the dream, she was offered a shining pen, and told that if she accepted it, she was also accepting a burden of responsibility that would never ease and never vanish, but that a partner would come who would help her bear it.

Michiru accepted the pen, and the burden, and transformed into the Elegant Fighter, Sailorneptune, saving the life of the pianist. When she awoke, the pen was clasped tightly in her hand, and her mind was flooded with memories of a beautiful past life. She immediately dismissed her guardian, returned to Japan, and began attending school in the search for both her partner and her true mission.

The discovery of Haruka and the blonde's subsequent initiation as a Sailor Senshi marked the start of one of the happiest, if most dangerous, periods in Michiru's life. Michiru enjoys having a mission, and feels that a spark of danger makes the beautiful times that much more precious. She is glad that she has a time of peace inwhich to enjoy Haruka alone, though. They are lovers, and make little secret of this now.


Currently, Michiru lives with Haruka, as stated before, and attends Juuban High School in her final year. She still plays the occasional duet concert with Haruka, and teaches art classes after-school at Chibiusa's school. Since Chaos has been defeated, she hasn't precisely become lax in her duties as a Senshi ... but without specific reason, she has no real desire to keep a close watch on Usagi and the others.
Neptune Planet Power make-up : Michiru's transformation into Sailorneptune. The symbol of Neptune appears, glowing, then spirals down to appear on Michiru's henshin pen. It hangs for a moment in space before she snatches it out of air, and as her hand wraps around it a brilliant flare of light envelops her. Against a backdrop of heaving ocean waves, Sailorneptune appears, tossing her hair. As she begins to pose, sparkles apply pale lipstick to her lips (like she needs it). She poses with her arms crossed against a background of crystals and sea.
Neptune Crystal Power make-up : (never shown in the anime; description working from Inners' Super henshin)
Michiru's transformation into SuperSailorneptune. The symbol of Neptune appears, and is encased in a softly green glass ball that drops onto the top of the henshin pen. The rest of the henshin is just like Neptune Planet Power, make-up.
Deep Submerge : As a wave crashes over Sailorneptune's head, watery energy gathers in a ball in her hands, held over her head. More and more energy collects in her hands as she cries the attack words, and as the surrounding water rushes up in two walls on either side of her she pushes the ball of energy forward, releasing it at the target.
Submarine Reflection : Sailorneptune brings the Deep Aqua Mirror up before her face, then psins around several times with it held at arms length to charge it before thrusting the mirror face at the target and crying the attack words.
Submarine Violin Tide : (manga attack, thus unknown appearance etc)
new Ocean Turbulence : an upgrade attack for SuperSailorneptune. She begins by crossing her arms over her chest, and her mirror appears in the right hand. As the mirror begins to glow, she calls out the first of the attack words, and the light pulls off the mirror to nestle in her left hand. She extends her arms outward, keeping the wrists crossed. The light rises to a column in her hand, reflecting off the mirror to double in strength before she flings both arms skyward, calling out the final word. The column of light blazes toward the target, striking them with the force of the waves against a very small boat on the deep ocean in a hurricane.
talisman: Deep Aqua Mirror
henshin pen
Triton Castle

Writing Sample
Part I [cowritten with Em, a prospective Haruka]

Michiru sprawled bonelessly in the window seat, watching the rain. Her green head was pressed against the glass, one arm hanging limp over an upturned knee. Haruka flipped open cartons, deftly laying out chinese takeout on a few fine plates then sweeping the cartons off the counter and into the garbage. With a bit of a smirk, she pulled two pair of chopsticks from the drawer and brought the small feast out to the room with her partner.

With a flourish, she set it by Michiru, and slight smile played across her lips. "If only you knew how long I slaved over this in the kitchen to get it just right."

Michiru didn't turn. She sat so still, barely breathing, that one might wonder if she was alive at all. At last, one graceful hand swept a strand of hair behind her ear, and she turned to face Haruka. "It smells good, Haruka." She smiled, banishing the look of sadness, but a shadow lingered in her eyes.

The blonde knew that shadow all too well, as it had haunted her cerulean eyes before. Still, she wasn't about to give in that easily. "Smell is only half the battle of a gourmet. It must pass the most exquisite test of taste, as well." Keeping the concern from her own features, she executed a slight bow with a flourish. "Please, don't keep your devoted servant in suspense."

A more genuine smile curved Michiru's lips, and she accepted a pair of chopsticks from her partner. Delicately she lifted a bite to her lips, pausing a wicked moment before popping it in and chewing slowly. A sparkle lit her eyes as she swallowed, but didn't speak, hovering the chopsticks over the plate.

A slight moue touched Haruka's lips as Michiru teased before eating, but a sparkle lit her eye when the food slipped past her lips. "Lucky food. The other morsels will get jealous, you know." Sparing a glance to the window, she knew what her lover saw, what she felt. Wind and water in turbalance, the storms from the sea. But not quite yet, and she'd be damned if she gave up one day of Michiru's smile.

Teasing lightly, Michiru replied, "As jealous as you?" She picked up another bite, holding the chopsticks out toward Haruka with the remains of the smile quirking her lips.

"Hardly possible. They only have dreams of that pleasure, and I, I am blessed with memories as well." Still smiling slightly, she leaned forward and plucked the morself from the proferred sticks. Michiru picked up the plate in her other hand, beginning to eat with the ravenous appetite of one who hasn't eaten all day.

"Flatterer. It's delicious, Haruka. But you didn't really cook, did you?" The phone rang, but Michiru ignored it, letting the answering machine get it. Dial tone droned through the room.

"Cook, no, but I did slave away over the containers. I'd swear, sometimes the staples are dangerous." She brushed her fingers over her still damp hair. "I needed to get out, to feel the wind for a bit, and figured you could use a treat. So Chinese takeout and a little bit of sashimi. Just what Doctor Haruka ordered."

Wistfully, Michiru said, "I would have liked to go with you." She set the plate down with a sigh, turning back to the window. "I'm restless, but somehow I don't want to move. I want to be moved, somehow. I can't settle to anything today."

Haruka moved over to stand behind her, resting her hands on Michiru's shoulders. Simple contact, but a strong reminder of what she was fighting for. It wasn't just for the future. It was more than that, the future lay ahead of her, but she also fought for the present, the sense of now that being with her love brought. Silence reigned for a moment, tested only by the patter of rain on the glass, and then her hands dropped lower as she scooped her lover up. "Never too late..."

Michiru protested a bit, "It's raining ... ", before surrendering to Haruka's desire --and truthfully, her own. The same four walls every day oppressed her until she had to get out or go mad, and yet getting out seemed to do little good. The sense of looming danger filled her days now, and the restlessness of the waves only served to make Michiru restless. The only escape seemed to be with Haruka, and yet that wasn't even an escape.

It wasn't the fault of her blonde partner, but being with her reminded Michiru of her duty ... a duty she would gladly pass on to another now. Where before she accepted the responsibility of a Senshi with joy, now she was weary of the load, and only wished for a normal life -- much like the Princess she guarded.

Haruka made sure to pass close nough for Michiru to grab a coat, if she chose, but otherwise didn't stop on her way to the door. A personal bias, she admitted, but she felt that the wind and the motion were the best medicine to distract Michiru from what tomorrow might bring.

"You realize," she murmured into Michiru's ear, "that if this doesn't work, Doctor Haruka is going to have to prescribe another treatment."

Michiru chuckled, wrapping her arms around Haruka's neck. "Somehow I'm not surprised. Let's just ride, for now?"

Holding her close, Haruka smiled, unable to agree more with that sentiment. Tomorrow might be restless, but for now... they would just ride.
Part II [solo section]

Michiru stroked through the pool, enjoying the sensual caress of water on her skin. She loved to swim like this, when no-one else was around, and the water was all hers. The chill of the water made her skin tingle. Reaching the end of her laps, she clung to the side of the pool, breathing deeply before diving back under the water. She flipped over, rising to the surface on her back.

Spotting the diving board, she also spotted Haruka on her favourite perch. A slight smile curved her lips, but she did not speak, knowing Haruka would see the smile. Lazily she backstroked to the far end of the pool, underneath the diving board, and caught the towel Haruka dropped to her. Wiping the water from her face, she dropped the towel on the edge and pulled herself out of the water.

"Ho!" Haruka called down. Wringing the water from her hair, Michiru didn't reply immediately, and so found herself caught in her lover's arms. The warmth of Haruka's arms seemed more, after the chill of the water, and Michiru snuggled shamelessly for a moment before pulling away reluctantly.

She tucked a damp strand behind her ear, saying "What brings you here now, Haruka?"

"I missed you."

Michiru eyed her blonde partner sideways. "Very nice, but there's always more than that."

Haruka put on an offended expression. "What, I can't come here to admire your grace in the water?"

Michiru smiled mysteriously and waited.

"You are the most beautiful woman in the world, and I can't bear to be out of your presence?" Haruka tried.

Still Michiru remained silent, watching the blonde.

Haruka dropped to a knee, clasping her hands together. "I adore you, Michiru. You are the light in my life ... " She trailed off as Michiru's expression became slightly forbidding. Haruka sighed. "You're right, as always. There is something."

"The ocean is restless today." Michiru picked the towel up and wrapped her hair in it, hunching a shoulder as an errant strand escaped to straggle down her neck.

Haruka moved the strand aside, letting her fingers rest in the same place. "So is the wind. I hear voices in it that are new. Voices that promise pain, and destruction, and death."

Michiru turned toward Haruka, sadness in her blue eyes. "I don't want to fight again. I keep losing you. I hate to lose you." She placed a hand atop Haruka's on her shoulder, needing the warmth.

"It's our mission, to protect the Princess." Haruka gathered her lover close. "I'll protect you."

"I'll protect you ... "

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