Kiri / Sailor Panthea

          Vital Statistics
Japanese Name Subetegami Kiri (mist all gods)
Nicknames Kiri-chan
Gender female
Birthday January 28
Sun Sign Aquarius
Blood Type unknown
Height 5'11"
Hair Colour blue black
Hair Style unknown
Eye Colour icy aqua
Skin Colour porcelain pale
Body Build dancer's build
Face Shape square
          Personality Statistics
Strength protectiveness
Weakness search for lost love
Hobbies martial arts, poetry
          Senshi Statistics
Senshi Name Sailor Panthea
Super Sailor Panthea
Sailor Star Panthea
Position Independent Senshi
Element astral power
Symbol endless spiral
Fighting Style either
Items & Weapons henshin pen; mirror of true-tell
Other Titles Ice Princess
          Henshin & Attacks
Power of the Pantheon, to me Pantheon Body Misting
Pantheon Astral Halo
Pantheon Astral Reflect
Pantheon Mirror of Truth
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