Birth Name: Aishinia Kiran Lin, called Kiran
Meaning: 'Aishinia' is derived (mangled) from Ashni, Hindi, meaning 'lightning'.
'Kiran' is also Hindi, meaning 'a streak of light'.
'Lin' I just picked a sound for.

Birth Date: May 23
Sign: Gemini
Age: 17
Blood Type: O
Gemstone: pyrope garnet


Dislikes Hobbies

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Kiran is a restless and changeable personality. Plans don't exist for her; she's very much a play-it-by-ear and wing-it person. She loves to dabble, but quickly gets bored with almost everything. She might be fascinated by something one day and the next day, or next hour, or even next minute be completely bored by it -- and she won't hesitate to let everyone around her know. The best description of her is probably dilettante. There are four things she is rarely bored with: Javan, drawing, swimming and riding. Anything else ... well, she'll try it once but don't expect it to amuse her for long.

Despite her apparent flightiness, Kiran is a superb student. Her favourite word is "why?" and she will endlessly debate even the teachers, even if she actually agrees with their opinion. Kiran flourishes on ideas, with a mind that is ever so quick and curious. She loves talking and is amazingly difficult to beat in a debate. She remains aware of all that is going on around her, and she wants to understand and participate in it all. Unfortunately, that doesn't keep her from getting into a LOT of trouble, trouble she can't always talk her way out of.

Extremely friendly, she loves her many friends and doesn't like to be alone. Conservative types that can't make a decision or agree with your need to impose change bore her silly and often spark debates. She seems highly shallow and mercurial, but that hides a deep well of stubborn will even Kiran doesn't access very often. Still and all, "I'm bored" from Kiran usually sparks a laugh from anyone around; it's her second favourite phrase.

She usually sets the mood for her group and tries to keep harmony among its members. She has a huge heart, and loves to spend money on others as much as herself. To those who do like her, Kiran is a lovable goof who is very hard to stay mad at. But not everyone can get along with a flighty, argumentative, bubbleheaded, intelligent dilettante, and by this time Kiran has pretty much made friends with all the people she can. She has her enemies, and her favourite method of getting even is some prank that leaves said enemy highly embarassed and more furious then ever at Kiran.

It's curious to her that the Materia she recovered summons a power named for an Aztec god, instead of a familiar Hindu god from her homeland. Kiran finds the idea of being a magical champion for a mysterious power fascinating and challenging -- for now. Who can say how long this interest will last? Or is there a deeper well of determination within Kiran that remains untapped?

Feelings about P.E.: Kiran likes PE pretty well, although she'd like it better if they had fewer lectures and more games.
Favorite School Subject: art
Hated School Subject: history. It's boring. How could anyone care about what happened before when what's happening now is so interesting?

Friends & Family

Love Life: Javan is the current love of Kiran's life. Despite her avowed and defended right to change her mind constantly, they've been together since they both began attending Atma. Whatever goes on behind closed doors is BEHIND closed doors. ^_~
Fuku: Black - Hood, Cloak, Bodice, Gloves, Boots
Primary color dimmed electric blue - Mantle, Skirt, First ring on gloves  
Secondary color orange-tinged gold - Upper band on skirt, Lower band on Bodice, Second band on gloves, Both bands on boots, Scarf on neck  
Headband: Kiran's circlet is of brass, a simple band circling her head. In the centre is a blue-star sapphire, with a stylised lightning bolt on either side. The clasp is hidden underneath the gemstone.
Henshin Materia: This is a transparent purple stone, smooth-cut and round, and not engraved in any way. The image suspended within is of a wide-winged snake, lightning caressing its body and wings. The image appears to be in constant motion.
Henshin: Quetzalcoatl Eidolon Power! Summons!
Kiran shouts this to the sky, tossing up her Materia, as clouds begin to swirl above her head. A huge bolt of lightning strikes the place where she is standing, then wreaths up to surround her. Sailor Quetzalcoatl appears in full form in a moment of darkness. She rises off the ground, spinning, and the Eidolon Quetzalcoatl unwraps its wings from around her as she holds out her arms in a cross shape with back arched. It hovers overhead for a short moment, then disappears in another flash of lightning as the clouds (presumably) clear off. Sailor Quetzalcoatl lands on her feet as her polearm appears in her hand.
Challenge: In the sudden flash of lightning, Sailor Quetzalcoatl appears! Regret your evil deeds or be punished!
Weapon: the Lightning Rod : a tall, blued-steel pole with a wickedly sharp blade affixed to the top. The blade appears to be a stylised lightning bolt, similar to her circlet. It is required for her power, conducts electricity, and serves as a (magical) ground against the powerful forces she wields in battle.
Power: Summon Lightning Hurricane!
Kiran grasps the Lightning Rod in the centre and twirls it over her head several times as a cone of wind crackling with lightning rises from it. The cone moves down to envelop Kiran as she swings the Rod down to threaten the target. Her hair and outfit whip madly about her in the winds. The longer she can stand there with the lightning crawling about her body, the more power she can release. When she has taken all she can stand, she slams the butt of the Rod into the ground, grounding herself and releasing all the pentup lightning into the earth, where it travels to the target and leaps out of the ground to encase them.
This is intended to be eerily reminiscent of things Sailorsaturn does with her Glaive; the way she twirls it and so forth.

Guardian: Cid.


Aishinia Kiran Lin is the elder daughter of Sushoban Lin, a translator for the Royal Indian Army, and Rohana Lin, the half-Irish daughter of the Captain of the regiment Sushoban is assigned to. Rohana's father was a cheerful, dashing Irishman who swept a poor Indian girl off her feet and into his bed and life. Sushoban is simply a highly intelligent Indian man who serves as translator, interpretor, and general culture-explainer to the 35th Indian Regiment staioned in New Delhi.

Translators get a decent wage by British standards, which in Indian culture goes a pretty long way, so the Lins are well off -- and well able to spoil their two daughters. Kiran grew up tagging along behind her father. The soldiers all adored her, and her flaming red head soon became a familiar sight, even without the dark figure of her father alongside. Being so constantly exposed to the British soldiers, Kiran picked up fluent English, along with a smattering of other languages, and discovered a talent for linguistics. It is a talent she chooses not to indulge at the moment.

Consequently, Kiran is rather spoiled when it comes to males. Fortunately for her, she met Javan very early in her Atma career, and he spoils her just as outrageously as any other male she's charmed. But I get ahead of myself.

Kiran began to mature into a very lovely young woman, and between the British soldiers' reputations, family history on Rohana's side, parental over-protectiveness, and Kiran's natural penchant for getting into trouble, Sushoban and Rohana began to worry about their daughter's ... safety. When she was discovered happily betting on a strip-poker tournament with the foot soldiers, though, matters came to a head.

Once the matter was explained to her, Kiran was quite ecstatic about attending boarding school in Europe. While the Lins had not intended to take advantage of the opportunities offered to employees of the Royal Army, it seemed the only solution. Kiran thought it was a wonderful idea. Thus, at the age of fourteen, she packed up her saris, favourite jewelry, and Britich clothing, shipped it all off to Atma, and boarded a train West.

Kiran regarded the entire idea as a huge adventure, and experienced not a moment of homesickness. Her quicksilver personality and sense of fun quickly gained her a wide circle of friends and admirers. The single time she diverged from that reputation was when she met Javan, four days after arriving at Atma. The connection was instant and incredible, and the two of them have not been romantically separated since.

Kiran enjoys thwarting the rules of Atma and promoting change. While there, she learnt riding and swimming, her two favourite physical activities, and a host of other things. A favoured occupation is to gather a group of people and go sit somewhere debating politics -- usually the right of the British Empire to rule India.

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