Character Info:

Name: Rúadhán (Ru-an)(Celtic)
Birth Name: Hoshi Myouri(luck star)
Also known as: Rawnie(Gypsy), Rihana(Moslem), Ruana(Hindu), Rusalka(Russian), Reinette(French), Reina(Spanish, Italian, Polish)

Meaning: little red one

Goes by: Rúadhán (Ru-an)

Nickname: Rúadh (Ruwa)

Sex: female

Age: looks late 20s/early 30s

Birthday: December 18

Lives Where: unknown at this moment

Family Members: half-sister Nemesis / Mau

Hair Color: auburn, short, with silver streaks

Eye Color: silver-green

Height: 6"1'

Weight: nosey!

Physical/Emotional Description: Rúadhán is tall, silent and very mysterious. Ever since she returned from her time-travel she has been very reserved. Tige and the others managed to bring her out of her shell briefly but with his disappearance she has retreated within herself again.
She is beautiful, in a cool icy way. Although she has dyed her hair, now short, back to its original auburn colour, her eyes are still silvery green and she can still look through you.
Now that Tige has gone, she doesn't know what she is to do here. She has fought several battles with her half-sister, both of which have come off draws. She is, right now, wandering the city, but plans to return to the new Millennium and recieve new instructions from the Queen sometime soon.

Hobbies: meditation

School: already graduated

Friends: Morrighan, Setsuna, Maeve, Rhiannon, Tige possibly

Love Interest: formerly Tige / Dark Sailor

History: Rúadhán was born Hoshi Myouri to a cousin of Queen Chikara in the new Millennium. When she entered her teens, she joined her half-sister Kangeki and three others in training as the Virtue Senshi; herself as SailorTyche, Kangeki as SailorThemis, and SailorNike, SailorAnanke, and SailorAletheia. When they all turned 18, Queen Chikara sent the 5 of them to keep order in the Outer Territories, where a band of outlaws had taken up residence.
Unfortunately for the girls, the outlaws were fairly smart, but in a final pitched battle the Virtue Senshi managed to defeat them. However, SailorAletheia sacrificed herself in order to protect the rest of them. This hit the remaining four Senshi of the team very hard. Myouri remained the most sane, but SailorNike, Kangeki, and SailorAnanke all experienced varying degrees of depression, guilt, and in the case of Ananke, insanity.
They returned to Crystal Tokyo, where poor Ananke had to be locked up. Aletheia's death also marked the beginning of Kangeki's descent into darkness. In order to preserve the other team members' sanity, Chikara arranged for them to travel through time seeking traces of other villians. They discovered the Kuroinin, but lost Kangeki to them. Nike tried to return to warn Chikara, but never made it.
It remained to Myouri, now Rúadhán, to return to Crystal Tokyo and warn the Royal Moon Family of the approaching evil. Then she prevailed on Pluto to send her to whatever time her transformed half-sister was in, which happened to be the time the Sailor Teams were fighting in.


Name: n/a

Team: Other -- Senshi Ally

          1. Empathy - the ability to Sense and Influence the emotions of others. She's much more of a Sensor than an Influencer, though, and can only Influence through touch. Her Sensing distance is quite broad though, about 50ft around her.

          2. spells:
                    1. She can cast Invisibility quickly, couple secs max.
                    2. Using her Empathy, she can trance into the Akasha-world and Track people. This is hard and draining, and usually requires that she be in a quiet place. The exception is for people she is close to, with whom she has an almost constant link.
                    3. ((There'll be others here when I discover them))

Weapons: silver athame

Strengths / Weaknesses: Rúadhán is very loyal to her friends. Any intimation that she has deserted them without deep cause will cause her temper, mild at best, to flare hotly. References to her half-sister will also strike a nerve. However, these occurences are rare at best, and she will sacrifice herself at a moment's notice without thought to save others, especially those close to her.
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