(chrname) Hoshi Myouri (formerly Ruadhan)
(meaning) luck star
(goby) Myouri
(nick) Miya
(age) unknown, appears late 30s
(Sex) female
(birthdate) October 31
(lives) Oosaka
EARTH: Shin'en Kangeki / Sailor Themis / Sailor Nemesis
(eyes) green
(hair) silver
(height-feet) 6
(height-inches) 1
(wt) 150 lbs
Physical Description:

Myouri, despite reverting to her Moon Kingdom self, retains much of the mysterious appearance she bore as Ruadhan, Senshi Seer. Her eyes are still a misty green, her hair still shockingly silver, her skin still dark and features still elegant. Her hair is yet longer now, reaching near to ankles and confined in an elaborate arrangement of braids and tiny butterfly clips.

She dresses conservatively, having abandoned the flowing outfits of ten years ago for more traditional dress, but somehow still carries an aura of mysterious elegance. Also familiar to those who knew her of old, kittens still ride Myouri's shoulder on every occasion. Favoured colours are sea greens and blues, the occasional pink, rose, or purple, and dark gray.
Emotional Description:

Since reverting to the pull of her history, Myouri is much happier. No darkness stalks her path now, and she is on the main content with her lot. Somehow, when she stopped refusing her past, she grew up and matured easily into a capable and caring woman. She doesn't think about the past very often, but when she does, she is usually thinking about the Dark Sailor. Her single regret is the shadows that came between them, and if she could go back in time and change that she would. If she met him now, she would do her best to explain to him what happened, but without much hope of making him understand -- too much time has passed, she feels. She has fulfillment in her job as a teacher and mentor to exchange students, and feels no need for anything else.

(hobby) watercolours
(school) teaches at Kansai Gaidai
(friend) none relevant
(love) irrelevant

Myouri was born as Sailor Tyche, part of a Team of 5 in the Moon Kingdom, lived and died like any other Senshi -- at the hands of Beryl's henchmen. Reborn in a forgotten time and place, Myouri's destiny as a Senshi seized on her much sooner than anyone expected, possibly due to the fact of being born to the same family as her partner, Sailor Themis. Despite their sharing a birthday, she and Kangeki are half-sisters.

She was forced to awaken when the Dark Kingdom swiped Kangeki from their school, but her powers were too new and she failed to prevent her sister's corruption. In fact, they seemed to serve as a catalyst to that corruption. Myouri blamed herself, repudiated her powers and Senshi self, and fled home.

She reappeared in Tokyo as Ruadhan, the mysterious silver-haired woman of many names who seemed to know so much about the Senshi. Despite having repudiated her Senshi self, she commanded some spells which she turned to the aid of the Senshi in their wars. In that time, she came upon her sister again, now completely corrupted and fighting as the Senshi of Dark Vengeance Sailor Nemesis. Nemesis bore a grudge to her sister for past actions and attempted to either kill Ruadhan or corrupt her multiple times; due to the intervention of the future Senshi and the Dark Sailor, Ruadhan escaped that fate.

When it became apparent that none of the Senshi Teams needed her any longer, Ruadhan struck off on her own, and completely vanished from all eyes for several years. During that time, Ruadhan came to terms with her past, her present, and her future, resumed her birthname and birthright as Sailor Tyche, and returned to Oosaka to teach English at Kansai Gaidai University in the exchange program. As far as she is concerned, Ruadhan no longer exists, and only Myouri remains. Myouri does not anticipate being required to resume the mantle of Sailor Tyche, and infact as never even transformed as that Senshi. Who knows what mysterious circumstance might force the appearance of the Senshi of Luck, Sailor Tyche?

(warname) Sailor Tyche
(side) Senshi
(affiliation) Moon Kingdom
Sailor Tyche's costume in the Moon Kingdom appeared in gold and teal.
(symbol) butterfly
(trans) Tyche Planet Power, make-up
powers are completely unknown
(weapon) none
(item) none
(str/wk) STRENGTHS:
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