(chrname) Sionaya Elehayym
(meaning) unknown
(goby) Sionaya
(nick) Sion
(age) appears in her late 20's (generally same as Tige)
(Sex) female
(birthdate) September 25
(lives) Oosaka
DARK KINGDOM: Father unknown (presumed dead); Mother Yupal (dead); half-brothers Stephen, Tige; twin sister Alasen
EARTH: no known family
(eyes) sea bluegreen
(hair) pale silvery blonde
(height-feet) 5
(height-inches) 5
(wt) 150 lbs
Physical Description:

Since leaving the Dark Kingdom for good, Sionaya changed her appearance drastically, cutting her once luxuriant hair back to her shoulders and layering the remnants. She bleached it by magic near the point of whiteness, and applied that same magic to her eyes, stabilising their colour to a sea bluegreen, the colour of the Caribbean Sea in sunlight. She could not change her actual face structure, and retains the stubborn chin, snub nose, and oval face shape inherited from her mysterious father.

She dropped the illusion of height (lack thereof), and now stands 5'5" in bare feet. Ten years of near-daily physical training have toughened and shaped her body. She fights much more handily now, which is good, because living in the human world has atrophied her connection to her powers. There is something horribly sinister in her fighting style, and she always appears to be just holding back from a killing frenzy. She seems dangerous no matter her actual physical appearance.

As an 'idol' rock singer, Sionaya has appearances to keep up in her personal clothing style. She generally wears stark, unrelieved black accentuated with gold jewelry. Shades usually hide her eyes, barring the world from seeing the anger living behind them. Long nails are carefully painted a uniform bloody red.

All in all, the remade Sionaya presents a carefully cultivated image of a mysterious darkness barely leashed by superhuman control. Her appearance is a study in contrasts. Emotional Description:

The events of the past ten years have apparently ripped all capacity for simple happiness from Sionaya. Between her still-fruitless search for her twin sister Alasen, years of being hunted by the Dark Kingdom, and the ultimate rejection of her human form by her lover, Sionaya has been scarred so many times in the same places she's not even sure if she's still bleeding under all the marks or not. It takes extremes to bring emotions to Sionaya now: the rush of singing before a crowd, the thrill of the stalk (and the kill), the flood of energy from martial arts katas.

She seeks competition avidly, and when she finds it, is unable to turn away. Challenge calls her in a siren voice, and she makes no moves to escape. Her life is filled with constant thrill-seeking.

She lives alone, and this too has marked her. To a person who spent most of her life living in a crowded dark dimension, the solitude of aloneness was at first soothing, but now is merely maddening. Five roommates have left, fleeing her sudden destructive rages and obessive desires. Her last lover was seven years ago and she swore never to take another. At times she longs to go back to the Dark Kingdom, but too many years of history lay between them now, and there's no possible way.

(hobby) martial arts, singing
(school) no school
(friend) Seiko Sakura

Unbeknownst to Tige, Stephen, and Jarlaxl, Yupal took a secret lover in the declining years of the Dark Kingdom. Somehow in the chaos of invading the Moon Kingdom, Yupal slipped up and became pregnant. An impossible coincidence, she gave birth nearly on the final battlefield, shocked into labor by the revelation of her son Tige as a Moon Kingdom Senshi, and the twin girls, imbued with the blood of the battlefield, were snatched into the Dark Kingdom at the moment of sealing.

Sionaya doesn't know what happened to her sister after that.

Her growing powers were a danger to the secrecy needed to build up the Dark Kingdom for reentry into the human world ... so at 14, Beryl slapped her into sleep and held her there for near a thousand years. Oddly, Sionaya roused herself at near the same date as Tige first became the Dark Sailor; his energy must have called out to her. Nothing Beryl could do could control the girl after that, and her powers grew and grew. Disdaining control, Beryl began to train her as the fifth and final general in the war on Earth, but the Sailor Senshi ended all hope of that, and Sionaya herself escaped the Dark Kingdom during the climactic battle.

Without a constant connection to a source of dark power, Sionaya's powers dwindled again. For a period of time she was hunted by the remnants of the Dark Kingdom, and she was briefly employed by both the Dark Moon and the Kuroinin. Lacking any further use of her dark skills afterward, Sionaya fell back on the skills implanted by her enforced cover on Earth.

Like Priss of Bubblegum Crisis, Sionaya is an 'idol' rock singer, popular, famous, and rich. The only person she considers friend is Seiko Sakura, her manager and backup singer -- who has inexplicably vanished.

(warname) Kikkyou Reishi
(side) disinterested
Sionaya, true to type, appears in black when she transforms. Of late she has added a black three-quarters-mask, revealing only the lower left side of her face, to black gloves, black tank, black pants, and black boots.
(symbol) it hasn't appeared in so long no one knows what symbol might represent the killer Kikkyou Reishi
(trans) no words
  1. Levin bolts - the ability to conjure bolts of pure power / will / energy from her hands (basically, arrows of pure magickal power and force of will). These may take various forms, ie lightning, fireball, glittering cloud, etc. These can stun, burn, suffocate, or other effects, entirely dependent on the form she chooses to conjure them in. For example, a fireball levin will burn you, a lightning bolt levin will burn / electrocute you, and a simple stone levin would knock you out.
    Damage is done on mental, physical, and spiritual levels, and it draws energy from Kikkyou at all these levels. While they can be visible physically, psychics and those with the Sight can always see them. The levin bolts are blockable by any magick with equal or more power. Also, they'll explode against whatever they hit first. This includes mental shields, force fields, ghostly forms, and the odd physical object.
    The general power level of a levin bolt is about the same as Sailormoon's Tiara attack. Kikkyou can increase the power level, but not without serious cost to herself. Using her absorption power does help, and any levin bolt thrown with absorbed power will be significantly stronger. Unfortunately, it will also retain the elemental orientation it had in the beginning, ie power absorbed from an ice attack will remain icy.
  2. She has the ability to capture the power / will / energy between her two hands and, well, play with it. She can form it into balls, bars of light, or other things. It still has power, but only as long as it touches her hand. So, if she's juggling balls of coloured light, don't touch them because they can hurt you.
  3. Being a person of magickal power gives her the ability to absorb a certain small amount of magickal energy from any given attack. She can only absorb a small amount though; otherwise the power is too much for her to handle. It is a continuous ability, as long as she gets rid of the absorbed power somehow, either by throwing it back at you or draining it off into the ground.
  4. She has developed the ability to carry magick on her voice, so that anywhere her voice can reach, her power can also, regardless of whether she can see in there or not.
(weapon) none
(item) none
(str/wk) STRENGTHS: stealthy, silent, dedicated
WEAKNESSES: easily distracted, powers require concentration
(slogan) What darkness taken form stalks your living dreams now?
(title) Shadow Sister, Daughter of Darkness
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