Your Character's Basics:
Name: Gwyneth Rhys-Davies And for God's sake, don't call her Gwyn! She hates this with a passion, due to the fact that there is a first cousin (male) ALSO named Gwyn, and there have been far too many times she was mixed up with him.
Birth date: November 17
Astrological sign: Scorpio
Age: 19

wind --

autumn --

wind chimes --


bluntness --

brilliant light --

people who are down on themselves --

photography --

riding motorcycle --

kite flying --

leaf collecting --
Religion: Catholic
Your Character's Profile:

Appearance: Gwyneth
Appearance: Sirona


Gwyneth blends carefully-hidden emotion, powers of will and determination with intellectuality, discrimination, and critical analysis. She is very sensitive and emotional, but the emotions remain under rigid control. They are rarely apparent even to those who are very close to her. When her emotions do erupt, they do so very violently, often with a strong burst of sarcasm and vindictiveness.

Gwyneth knows how to hold a grudge for a very long time. She is occasionally possessed with uncontrollable jealousies and the strongest passions. When offended the reaction is surely revenge. Like the girl in the poem, she is either very bad or very good. There is an intensity and a secretiveness in her makeup which results in an inscrutable persona most people cannot penetrate. She is a master at hiding her emotion, neither flinching nor blushing. It's hard for her to share her inner feelings with anyone.

She has keen mental insight and a penetrating awareness of things around her; this includes many conditions that other people usually miss. The scientific method assuring objectivity and detachment is her preferred way. She can become too absorbed in detail, being a person who sometimes misses the big picture because she is too involved with a piece of the puzzle. She approaches everything with intensity and passion. Nothing is ever halfway with her, putting everything she has into her work; mind, heart, soul.

Gwyneth is prone to be critical of those with whom she comes in contact, and tries to be more tolerant with friends and loved ones. She has a few really close friends, but more people appreciate the fact that she is always willing to listen attentively and provide wise advice, though it may not be especially deep and sympathetic; she is not one to provide a shoulder to cry on. There is a tendency for her to want to impose her will on friends and family. No one takes relationships more seriously than she. Although she is highly attracted to, and attractive to, the opposite sex, in many respects she functions better as a 'lone wolf' type.

She can be very critical and demanding, creating a forceful and dominating demeanor. Her critical nature allows her to make shrewd and unusually accurate judgments at a rapid rate. It is in her nature to protect herself by knowing what her opponents are thinking and doing. She has uncanny intuition and accurate perceptions, making her almost psychic in understanding and making emotional connections with other people. Very few successfully earn her trust.

Definitely, Gwyneth needs to apply her talent for critical analysis to herself, analyzing her own scope for advancement and success. By knowing herself better, she could assure success in the many businesses and professions that require employment of the scientific methods, persistence, and attention to detail.

School: Westover University
Grade: freshman, with an undeclared major in Art: Photography.
Status in school: Gwyneth is usually considered a loner by most of the 'in crowd' (meaning the Greek-types), which is completely fine by her. She treasures her few friendships and in fact doesn't leave herself a lot of time for socialising - or at least partying. She sees herself as an artist.
School schedule: MWF: Folklore, Applied Maths; TTH: 17th century England(history); French; MTWS: Photography
School and out of school activities: Gwyneth plans to stay far away from the Greek set. She thinks she might like to get involved with an art club, but as a person not generally interested in making friends, she may just stay out of all that sort of thing.

Family: Friends: Gwyneth left most of her friends behind in Aberdovey when she came to college, but she corresponds regularly with Ruadhnait, her best friend from high school. Ruadhnait is short compared to her friend, and looks like a tiny Victorian doll, with her pale skin and cloud of dark hair. Their common interest is photography, but Ruadhnait is very much a changeling child, facinated by nighttime, stars, and magic. Her vivid emotions contrast with Gwyneth, but under Gwyneth's influence she has become more controlled, while Gwyneth opens up a bit to her best friend. See Ruadhnait's page.

Lovelife: not recommended. Gwyneth wasn't very interested in romance in high school, although that might change now. She gives out that she's waiting for the perfect guy to come along ...
Your Character as Warrior:
Name: Sirona. Formerly the Horribly Cruel Unnamed Dark Sorceress, who was defeated by Gawaine while on Quest.
Titles: Lady, or Enchantress if you're feeling daring
Armour / Garb:

Sirona wears a calflength ruffled dress in black. It has short ruffled sleeves and a scoop neck. Over, she wears a blue kneelength split tunic with shoulder pieces that curve outward from her shoulders. The tunic is decorated with triangles and stars in red-purple and black. She has black fingerless gloves and wears two silver bracelets on each wrist.

This outfit is similar to Belldandy's Goddess outfit in the Aa! Megami-sama movie.
Device: on a rondel, the two colours chequy. Centered, a field of four checks in blue, and centered on that, the star in black.
    Colour: primary colour: autumn blue; secondary colour: maple red-purple
    Symbol: eight-pointed star with upper and lower arms extended longer than the other 6 points
Item of Transformation: tattoo of symbol on left wrist
Transformation Phrase: Sirona, reveal thyself! [yes, we know it's awful]
Transformation Sequence: After calling out her henshin phrase, Gwyneth glows all over -- as if she were a white shirt under a blacklight. The background fades to solid blackness. Gwyneth throws her tattooed hand up into the air, and a chain composed of stars in white matching her tattoo appears. The chain spirals around her body in a double helix. Then the camera drops to her feet and rises up her body, following the path of a wind which, as it blows upward, reveals her fuku. A brilliant flash of light, similar to a camera flash, reveals Sirona, hanging in the air with feet pointed, arms crossed over the chest in Egyptian fashion.
Challenge/Announcement of Presence: The darkness of the night conceals the secret of Sirona. That secret is your doom.
Powers: Sirona gains more power at moondark (no moon) and is weakest at the full moon.

Weapon: Sirona is the reincarnation of a powerful [nameless ><] dark sorceress of Arthurian legend, and her magic is power enough without giving her a shiney smash'em toy. She may not be as powerful as Morgan but she can hold her own.
Writing sample:

Gwyneth carefully stabilised the tripod and adjusted the lenses on the Canon camera. "Don't move," Gwyneth advised, "okay, Ruadhnait? The light is perfect." Indeed it was. Warm sunset light cascaded through the shoulders of the hills, turning Ruadhnait's pale skin to warm cream and filling her dark hair with fiery highlights. Holding her breath, Gwyneth pressed the shutter, smiling absently at the reassuring click-whirr of the lenses.

The highpitched whining of the film rewinding shattered the twilight stillness, and Gwyneth slanted a look at the camera. "I didn't realise that was the end of the roll."

"I guess we took more shots of Llyn Barfog than we thought." Ruadhnait rose from the rock where she had been perched and stretched.

Gwyneth packed up the equipment and slung her camera bag over her shoulder, saying, "Let's go develop these." The pair clambered their way down the hillside, each acting unspoken to protect the precious camera equipment.

The soft darkness of the darkroom enfolded them both, and some hidden muscle in Gwyneth relaxed. Here, hidden by the shadows, she could say what she would never dare to say with her face revealed by light. "Red?"


"Red, I'm going away to college."

"Why?" In the dim reddish light of the darkroom, Ruadhnait looked her name more than ever. Her hands stayed steady, unspooling the film from three canisters.

Gwyneth recognised a note of panic in the other girl's voice. "Because," she began, "I'm not happy here."

"All you've ever known is here, White. How do you know it's the place?"

Gwyneth slumped in a chair by the tightly closed door. "It's not. It's the people."

Ruadhnait never looked up. "I know you don't mean me. Tigernach?"

"Her, and the others too. I'm a changeling, Ruadhnait; we both are. Neither of us are a part of this life, here, now." In light, Gwyneth's expression would have looked dreamy; in shadow it was closer to grotesque.

"Where are you going?"

"Westover University."

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