Éliane / Sailor Solaris

Character Info:
Given Name: Princess Éliane of Solaris
Any Others: Éliane Tamohara
What they go by: Éliane, Éliane-sama (to Solarian Senshi)
Meaning(s): the sun
Gender: female
Age: 24
Birthday: December 26
Eye Colour: ice blue
Hair Colour: pure black
Hair Length: to her ankles
Hair Style: odango
Face Shape: triangle
Skin Colour: porcelain pale
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 139
Body Type: slender
Typical Clothing: silk or satin shirts, fitted jeans, expensive stylish tennis shoes. When holding court in Solaris Palace, she wears a long gown in the MK style (like her sister Serenity) in a fiery golden colour
Typical Jewelry: a diamond ring on right hand, diamond dangle earrings, diamond pendant necklace (She’s a princess, what did you expect?!)
Distinguishing characteristics/personality: Éliane is arrogant, cold, and cruel. In the way that Rei was the Queen of T*A Academy, Éliane is a Queen at University. She goes out to party often enough to support her image as a fun-loving University student, but although many people hang on every word she says, she has few real friends. Rather, she has many admirers, and quite a few enemies, irrespective of the fact that she’s Princess of Solaris. Which is something that only her Solarian Senshi know. Like any other Senshi, she cannot be recognized as a Senshi in civilian guise, nor can her Princess self be connected with Éliane Tamohara.
Skills: command, organization, math
Hobbies: ballet dance
School: University
Lives where: Solaris Palace
Senshi Identity: Sailor Solaris
Position: Solarian Senshi
Transformation: Solaris Brilliance Power, make-up!
With her golden locket in hand, Éliane thrusts her arm into the air and shouts, “Solaris Brilliance Power, make up!” She brings the locket down to her chest, then throws it in the air, where it explodes. Tiny stars scatter from the explosion, creating her sailor suit. She spins around several times, then strikes her pose, left hand on hip, right foot in a dig across left. Her symbol of a seven-pointed star is in the background.
Element: sun-fire
Symbol: seven-pointed star
Fighting Style: offense
Fuku: Sailorsaturn fuku
Fuku Colours: gold and cream
Powers: Items: Brilliance Sword
Slogan: Surrender yourself to the brilliance of Solaris!
Other Titles: Princess of the Blaze
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