Name: Melisande Brittany-Lanier

Name deliberately chosen so as to draw attention away from her dark-senshi side, having no relevance to who she has been before

melisande, a french variation of melissa meaning 'bee or honey'
Age: appears between 18 and 25; common guess is about 21
Birthday: February 1
Zodiac: Aquarius
Blood Type: O-

Dislikes: Fears: being rejected
Ambition: to make 'them' (meaning the Lumina Senshi first) pay for continually rejecting her

Death/Rebirth : When Sailorsoris dies, her body immediately goes into a sort of hard freeze, preserving it for precisely the amount of time it would take a body to recover from whatever sort of death-trauma she suffered. Then she reawakens, her body appearing wherever Sailorlenax is. The only thing that doesn't remain in her memory is the precise manner of her death -- about the last 30 minutes of her last life.

Lovelife : What? You want to go out with the Queen of Frigidity? Don't be silly! Melisande has grown so detached from the human condition that the idea of relationships doesn't even cross her mind anymore. Someone propositioning her would more than likely be greeted with a blank stare and the very cold shoulder. Don't expect anyone to have either the skills or the persistence to break through Melisande's cold, determined and twisted focus on her destiny.


Melisande is crazy.

Well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration. Melisande sports a far more subtle kind of crazy, rather than white-hug-me-jacket and padded-walls crazy, born of too many centuries of being trapped in a constant cycle of rejection. Melisande is eccentric and original, unconventional and outspoken. She sees herself as the rebel and the person who rejects worn out traditions and old ways of operating.

Paradoxically, she is both a good team player, but must have personal freedom at the same time. While she respects the ideas of others, she won't use them herself and refuses to head any project she didn't concieve. On the other hand, as a subordinate she is creative, forward-thinking, and rarely stumped by any problem for long -- although her solutions are apt to be as unorthodox as herself.

With every rebirth, Melisande becomes more aloof and detached. She is often impersonal and often lacks sensitivity to the emotional content of many situations. In fact, she's more emotionally involved with her task than she is with people. Nonetheless she has a deep understanding of human nature.

Despite being the warrior of cold, which prohibits change, Melisande adores chaos and change and attempts to promote it. Following a plan is impossible unless someone else lays it out to her; Melisande never plans anything. She'll find a way to make the unexpected happen with any direction given her, always looking for the better way.

She no longer cares that some may view her as being different and unusual, hard to get along with, and just plain wierd. She turns up her nose at the possibility that her teammates may not trust her to remain loyal to their cause, and believes that everyone underestimates her carefully-concealed and cold fury toward those she feels betrayed by.

Formerly, Soris belied her 'warrior of cold' image in another way, being passionate, fiery, and proud. She was lusty, sensual, and incredibly demanding -- all qualities that eventually lost her the respect of her system. Rejected time and again for reasons she could never quite understand, Soris gradually became hard and unforgiving, taking on more of the qualities of her element. At this stage Sailorlenax found her, offered her the chance to release her chilling fury, take revenge, and ultimately make those fools regret they'd ever slighted her, Sailorsoris.

The pride and passion of the original Sailorsoris has been lost in the drive to assert her individuality in ways those she formerly guarded can't ignore. Chaotic and just enough off her rocker to throw all caution to the winds, Melisande gleefully concocts, elaborates and then discards ideas for making 'them' pay. Starting with the Lumina Senshi, whom she sees as standing in the way of her revenge.

appearance randomly generated using My CharGen
Eye Color: silver
Hair Color: silver-blonde
Hair Style: reaches the shoulders, parted on the right and braided across top of the head in duchess braid. sports short bangs.
Height: 5'5"

Melisande has shoulder length hair of a blonde so pale it might as well be silver. Due to continually being braided, the top sections are wavy and the underneath straight, and fine wavy strands escape the braid to frame her face. Thus, generally, Melisande wears it braided in a french style across the top of her head, in a vain attempt to keep the wisps out of her face.

Melisande's eyes are an equally pale gray, also resulting in silver. Huge and fringed with long lashes, they are probably the best feature in an otherwise rather plain and pointed face. Melisande perpetually looks underfed, somehow, with a bony structure. Her skin, oddly, is a dark tan colour, the sort typical of a half-negro.

Typically, in this trueform, Melisande wears a long-sleeved tunic in a pale blue over rich sapphire-blue leggings. The tunic hangs to mid-thigh, belted with some sort of stretchy silver material with fringe. White suede ankle boots complete the outfit.
Disguise: In human guise, Melisande appears much the same. A lighter skin tone, a less bony frame, and slightly more manageable hair characterise her appearance. Typical dress is blue jeans with a loose blousy shirt covering dancewear. She claims a job as dance teacher in a small studio at Parkwood. Melisande's teaching career provides her with enough money to rent a studio apartment in the Uplands. She claims that a rich relative left her the sporty, sleek, and fast Firebird she drives -- in blue, of course.

Senshi: Sailorsoris
Transformation: Soris Crystal Power, Make-Up!

In order to henshin, Melisande MUST first revert to trueform. She cries out her henshin phrase, raising both arms to the sky as in an incantation. The mist of very cold air swirls up around her, hiding her figure from view. The lines of bright energy that warp into her fuku are vaguely visible through the mist. Slowly, Soris' figure appears through the mists of cold air, head bowed and eyes shining.
Uniform: Soris' fuku is the standard bodysuit, with open-lace sides; that is, there's a slit in each side up to the breast line, and the slit is laced across. She has a filmy-fabric multi-layer skirt, and the back collar is also filmy, as are the bows. Lacework gloves cover her arms to near the shoulder, and lacework leggings cover her legs. In fact, all parts of her costume are either of the translucent filmy fabric or lacework except the actual bodysuit. A narrow ribbon encircles her throat. Around her head, near hidden beneath her bangs, an intricately worked band of silver bears her symbol. Colours range from pale blue to sapphire blue.
Symbol: an upsidedown triangle centred with a dot
Element: cold (NOT ice / snow)

Items: Melisande's henshin brooch is a silver rendition of her symbol. It is chill to the touch, regardless of the weather. She likes to use it to pin a chiffon scarf around her neck, thus distracting the mind from any appearance of magic about it.


Sailorsoris was born to protect the planet of Soris. She was beloved by her people, guarded them faithfully ... but was never quite accepted by them. Her pride put some off; her demanding nature, others. Since Soris believed she could never be replaced in her job, she rarely minded the murmurs of her people. Even when, as Sailorlenax approached their galaxy, rumours began which doubted Soris' ability to defend their planet, she did not realise the danger she was in. Sailorlenax neared, and the people grew more afraid, especially on seeing that Sailorsoris was making no apparent preparations.

They revolted.

The people of the planet Soris feared conquest by Lenax, they feared Soris' arrogance, and they did not want to go to their doom. So in secret, they schemed to coax Soris to pass her powers on to another candidate, one they could trust (manipulate). Just how they hoped to force this new Soris to full power in a few short years remains unknown. Only a few voices were raised in protest against this ruthless and cruel policy, but one of those was loyal enough to Soris to warn her. Sailorsoris' rage knew no bounds.

Torn between her duty - protecting her people - and her pride - which demanded retribution for the insult - Soris fled her planet, filling the space around it with her fury. Wrapped in icy pride, she watched Lenax's approach.

No-one now living remembers what Soris and Lenax said to each other when they descended to the surface. A titanic battle raged for days on end, wielded with words, with powers, and finally with persuasion. Fully a third of the surface of Soris was destroyed. The people trembled with fear. Soris finally caved to Sailorlenax's poisonous persuasion on the seventh day, and together they deserted the planet, never looking back.

Soris no longer exists. It is from this that the legends concerning Sailorsoris' Arctic Winter power derive. They say she returned, four hundred years later, to find if her planet would accept her rule again. They denied her, and in fury she unleashed her greatest power on the helpless people. Not even Soris is sure of the truth of this story. All that is known is that the planet Soris no longer exists, and Sailorsoris bears the guilt of not protecting her people.

Writing Sample:

Melisande unlocked the door of the dance studio with one hand, clutching her scarf around her neck with the other. Cold air wreathed down her spine, sending a shiver down her back. She hurried into the warmth of the studio, dropping bag, keys, and all on a convenient chair by the door. If she was to finish choreographing 'Fly High' by Christmas, she needed to stop putting it off. Plans were never Melisande's strong point.

Submerging herself in the music, Melisande forgot about the cold, snowy world outside, gleefully plotting near-impossible steps and combinations. The music suddenly stopped, and she fell out of a pirouette, landing hard on her knees. Turning to glare at the sound system -- state of the art, nothing less for Melisande Brittany-Lanier -- she found that her latest zorin-man had returned. Rising, she said, "Well?"

"Mistress, there is nothing."

She blinked. Had she been mistaken then? No matter. The Lumina Senshi would turn up sooner or later. She had other things on her mind. "Stand guard. I don't want to be disturbed until - " she looked at her watch " - five."

It turned to block the door, and Melisande restarted the music. But her drive was gone, and after one repetition she gave up. Gnawing on a thumbnail, she paced the room, eyes narrowed. "Where are they? I want to hurt something. Preferably a live something. A Lumina something." She smashed a fist into her palm. 'Their fault. I'd still be there, still be happy, if it weren't for THEM!'

A single shimmering tear traced a chill line down one dark cheek, and she flicked it away with one graceful hand. This was no time for old sorrows to distract her from her destiny.

To kill the Lumina Senshi.

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