“So I was looking through some drawers and I found this,” said Allison, and she shows him something. The elevator door opens up.
“He wasn’t supposed to be back yet,” said Allison.
“What do I do? Where do I go?” he asked, and Allison opens up a closet door. She takes his arm, and pulls him into the closet. They face each other, and she turns on a flash light. Allison puts her finger up to his mouth, and he nods. They just wait, and his dad looks at a map. Scott and Allison stand there awkwardly, and she looks at him.
“What are you doing?” she asked.
“Nothing,” said Scott, and Allison looks down.
“Part of you is doing something,” she said, and he looks at her. Then he looks down.
“Oh, sorry,” said Scott, and he starts moving.
“Stop,” she said.
“I kind of don’t have control of what happens,” he said.
“Ok well I will turn around,” said Allison, and she faces away from him. Now her back is to him, and they are still stuck in the small closet.
“Allison,” said Scott.
“What?” she asked.
“That’s worse,” he said, and she smiles. She covers her mouth as she starts to laugh, and she turns around. Their eyes meet, and they go in for a kiss, and fall against the hangers. Scott catches her, and he holds her there. Then her dad leaves, and they come out of the closet.

Scott and Allison 3×07 “Currents” (via hardcoredelena)