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  • Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Characters

    • LISA Lt. Com. Winter Rainault
      Past Imperfect: Shades of Gray
          A professional soldier and spy on a team of Senshi, Winter rarely lets her guard down, but she’s on this mission at the behest of her dearest friend — the Queen herself.

    • Koré Butterfly Peace St. Cyr / Sailorashera
      Past Imperfect: Shades of Grey
          Doubly married with a beloved daughter, Koré wields the resurgent power of the love/death goddesses of eld. Her musical past hides her strong sense of responsibility.

    • Hoshimawari Arashi / Thaumus Star
      Missing Shard
          In love with a dream figure, the Soldier of War struggles to realise his destiny and achieve his full potential … but his social difficulties may stand in the way.

    • Kuraino Mau / Sailor Nemesis
      Past Imperfect: Shades of Grey
          Abandoned by her people; captured, tormented, blinded, and ultimately enslaved by her chiefest enemies … Nemesis knows nothing except hatred. There may yet be a small chance to recover her former self, but when it appears, will she recognise it?

    • Tarasu Madoi / Sailor Mafdet
      Missing Shard
          No-one ever claimed Madoi was sane. But with the power of the Doitra Senshi of Illusions in her hands, she’s got the chance to spread her brand of insanity everywhere. Resistance is futile.

    • Éliane Shahrizai / Sailor Solaris
      Senshi Academy
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