“You like a challenge?” she murmured, ducking her head into the curve of the shoulder, hands greeting every inch they had missed. Challenge was good. Challenge could be provided. Summer admitting to missing his tender sentiment would have been more problematic. He flickered back to true form, suddenly distracted.

A grin spread over his face; a plan was forming.

“Mmhm, which is why — can you just … ” The sentence ended on a moan, instead of the question Summer meant to ask. The wash of magic against her skin, and the change in the hands on her body, brought her to open her eyes again. A slight frown creased her forehead.

“Loki, that smile coupled with the endearments you’ve been using … what are you plotting?”


i am the firechild: greensilvr: iamthefirechild: *makes a wry face at the double, and then…



*makes a wry face at the double, and then him* Show off. Ridiculous man.

Would you have me change? :waves away the double and leans over her: Perhaps you prefer me /this/ way? :flickers into female form:

*eyes go huge* That’s … beautiful.


Elegant fingers brushed Summer’s hair over her shoulder—slowly—and then lips pressed to the spot. “Tell me you’ve missed me. Tell me you haven’t forgotten.”

“I missed you every day.” It was the truth, too. No one else had seemed enough after him. Even Tony Stark, for all his vaunted prowess, hadn’t been able to hold her interest. “The challenge of you, I thought about it all the time.” She arched her neck, eyes sliding shut.

Going down to Dragoncon in the morning. I’ll have my laptop, and there will be wifi, but my presence is going to be wickedly intermittent. I’m taking Black Widow and Summer Rainault costumes with me, so I hope to have pictures of those. (I know nobody is going to know who Summer is, but when you see the pictures you will understand why people will want to take snaps of me anyway.)

So, see you guys again properly Tuesday evening!