you know, just fuck all you people. I post the thing about how I know I have a rep, so give it to me, and there’s dead fucking silence. and then some stupid shit like this happens, and I can .hear/ you all back there behind the screens judging me, because I had something to say about it and I wouuldn’t just suffer in silelnce. god forbid anybody shold ever even me be called out on any kind of behaviour in this little incestuous clusterfuck you assholes want to call a roleplay fandom the one unforgivable sin to nam names. go screw yourselves with a hot iron rod.

BE FUCKING HONEST TO ME. sure i care if you say “i won’t don’t can’t play with ocs” or “i’ve seen you around and you put me off” but it sure cutts a hell of a lot cleaner than the dirty fucking knives you fuckers like to pretend are the ploite way to stab someone in the back. come stab in the front why dont you, i’ll just stand here nd take it.


iamthefirechild said:

“… and you’re human again. You know Tony doesn’t let me touch the computers he’s logged in to.” She looks Jarvis over, speculative. “Do you know where he was — I mean, he asked me to move in. But I don’t know where he wants me.”

Jarvis shrugged slightly.  “These things happen occasionally.”  He stepped over to the nearest terminal, and typed in a few rapid commands to bring up a map.  “Should you like your own room, you may choose from any of the guest suites, just as Loki did, though I am reasonably certain Mr. Stark wouldn’t mind if you commandeered his room.”

She hesitated, opening her mouth and then closing it a couple of times, before she found the right words. “I don’t think my apartment’s worth of stuff would fit in his room — it’s not like I’m empty-handed.” Why was she embarrassed to bring this up? Stupid. /He/’d asked /her/, not the other way round, and while Jarvis was his own person, there was no one more capable of knowing Tony’s intentions.

“I think I need to shape out my own space here.”