don’t know how far down im going but im faaaaaaaalling dont miss me when im gone

cant hear you too far down already try again try again wheres that fucking rope

Letter #2


I know you find it hard to talk about emotions, so I’m writing you a letter. You can just … ignore it or respond however you like.

I’m not trying to manipulate you or anything like that. I know I said some things that really hurt you, actually, and I’m sorry. I’m beyond sorry. I … if you want me to go away, I will.

I love you. I know that kind of scares you. I don’t expect you to return it. But when — they — had me, that was all I had to hold on to. The people I love. I don’t know what they drugged me with, but I couldn’t reach out. Every sense felt like it was wrapped in cotton.

And you came, and saved me when I couldn’t save myself.

So thank you. I … this is all incoherent, because I’ve literally been trying to think what to say for weeks now. I don’t even know what you want me to say. What you might need to hear from me.

Just try to tell me, and I will say it.

With love, Summer

[the letter is sealed with red wax marked with a feline pawprint, still warm, and smells faintly of fire]



“You’re too damned charming, Harry.” Kris clenched his fingers around Harry’s ankle.  ”Hard to hate what you like so much.” A drawl filtered into his words as he spoke. “You’ve got it all. Loving father, brothers, girls at your feet, a kingdom to inherit … “

“May it seem that my life is rich and well done, that is only good things you see. Yea, most people would see that much more than consequences.” He sighed, “A kingdom I have to protect, and..they trust this to a prince whom drinks with the thieves, welcoming them as an old friend?” Hal scoffed, frowning. “Better off to leave it to my brothers, if I do not change.”

“Better by far than the nothing that is my lot, I assure you, Harry.” A thought occurred to Kris, and he hitched himself up to whisper in Hal’s ear, “You’re not going to see me again after tonight anyway. Give me what I want.”







Oh? *curiosity is vibrant in her voice* Not productive, not alone, not parties, not anything, it seems. Not quite lies and not quite truths. What /are/ you, Mr Stark?

-glances over, giving the woman a half-hearted smile- That’s a good question.

What do you want to be? *hugs his arm a little bit, sympathetically*

Ah, an even better question -chuckles lightly- A little too deep for me to handle this evening, though. Maybe I’ll know tomorrow.

There /is/ that. Sorry, I have a terrible tendency to pry at people. I … I’m always curious about what makes people like you tick. *glances around* Is this the place?

No worries. I’m a fascinating person. -gives her a wink, glancing up at the storefront- Indeed it is. -reaches for the door, holding it open- After you.

*with a smile* You, sir, are a terrible flirt. Oh, god, quiet. I can’t even tell you … *closes eyes for a moment* Okay. *holds up two fingers to the waiter and follows them to a table*