When someone commits suicide by traffic or train, send some of your sympathy and prayers to the person who was behind the wheel who has to live with that for the rest of their life, too. That’s an awful thing to force upon someone innocent of any involvement in your situation just because they happened to cross your path.

Send them to the people who have to investigate the situation, and aren’t allowed to look away. To the ones who have to come and take the body away, and who have to tell that person’s family and/or friends. To the ones who love those people, and support them through the aftermath.

As much as we want to tell ourselves, no one will notice if we’re gone, what we really mean is our absence won’t hurt.

And in either case, we’re wrong. We’re always wrong. However hard it is to remember that

we’re always wrong. Someone will notice. Someone will be hurt, by your absence, specifically.



All will be abandoned
None will shine
Gather the broken and leave this life
Lying in the earth
Side by side

Into the Nothing — Breaking Benjamin 


“Well shit. Have you ever seen someone run that fast?” he asked to the person beside him. He had just beat the man in a fist fight, and the betting money sat in the back pocket of his jeans. It wasn’t fair. He knew that. But the distraction had been well worth it. 

Despite the bloodshed Gage had been a part of for all of his life, he always was able to find something to laugh at. 

“You alright, Girlie? Hope that wasn’t too violent.” 

She shrugged. “I’ve seen worse. That was clean compared to high school. Actual betting and all that.” She uncrossed her arms and took a few steps, peering in the direction of the fleeing guy. “I have to admit, I’ve never seen anyone run away quite that fast.” Turning her gaze on Gage, she lifted an eyebrow. “Maybe you could use my name.”

the Tale of Sir Isaac



“This whole space is mine. They will not — ” She shook her head, mouth brushing against his skin. Limb by limb, she unwound herself from him, flesh pebbling in the chill of the room as she pulled away from his warmth. “It’s not far. Come.”

Part of him was excited, exhilarated at the thought of running down the hallways with her and without a stitch of clothing on, and he nodded, jumping to his feet and wavering only a little as he stretched. Holding out his hand and slipping it into hers, he took a deep breath and eyed her playfully, rising to the challenge.

His eagerness made her laugh. “It’s really not far.” She let him pull her up, then tugged him by the hand through the near-darkness to a curtained alcove next to the fireplace. Brushing the curtains back, she revealed another, smaller room, mostly filled with bed. A heavy wooden door appeared to lead outside, and a small fireplace shared the chimney with the other room, lending this one a slight warmth.

christmas presents



She drew back a little, frowning at him. “Y-you don’t want it?” Her hand started to tremble a little.

“I do…I just…I can’t remember the last time someone bought me a present…” he whispered, voice thick with emotion as he eyed her adoringly, finally reaching out to take it from her. “Thank you, Summer.”

She ducked her head under his gaze, flushing a little. “I, um, I made it. Actually,” she whispered.