If you thought you were going to drive me away from tumblr, or force me to stop roleplaying, well, you failed. You will always fail.

These are why: lycanthropelahey, fastestquickestmutant, pxraclox, dalphahale, ripyourthroatoutwithmyteeth, gadgeteerphilanthropist, shoutingfinetotheskies, iamvictor-roth, archangelswag, veneficusrex, heir-to-betrayaldrunkknightofcamelot, letyoursoul, thenameislahey, clairexnovak, aknightsopure, tinmantonystark, ihatefreezers, nestinghawk, playing-with-the-flames, badassbetaerica I’m pretty sure I’m missing people.

You will always fail. So don’t waste your effort.

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