“How could I ever love anybody like you?”




“Anybody like me? Oh, you mean psychopathic vampire who doesn’t give a damn about human life?” he asked, smirking. “Well the good news is that you don’t have to love me.”

She forced the next words out over the pleasure spreading sparks up her spine and through her nerves, punctuated by occasional gasps. “How unlike you, to be so concerned with someone else. F-f-f—Damon, stop!” Treacherous hands gripped his shoulders, caressing. “I demand you make sense if that’s how you’re going to be about it. Either fuck me properly out of frustration or explain yourself.”

Damon’s eyes flashed and a spark of anger surged through him. Fine. If that was what she wanted, that’s what she was going to get. Damon yanked her underwear down and tossed them across the room, quickly ridding himself of his own before stroking himself a few times, watching her for a moment before pressing against her entrance.

Naked and wanting under a gorgeous, dark vampire unconvinced of his humanity — not exactly the safest place to be. “Damon.” It was supposed to be a command, but it came out on a pleading sigh. She reached up and twined her arms around his neck, deliberately going soft and yielding. “Come on.”

Been Gone A Long While



Being this conflicted was exhausting. Summer curled herself over into Victor’s body, clinging to him. “I don’t know. Yes. Okay.” She didn’t even know what might be enough; she didn’t want him to change and yet she couldn’t face the thought of dealing with a repeat of the past six months, either. Almost helplessly, hating herself a little bit for it, she turned away from the tangle and to something she understood, seeking and catching his mouth in a passionate kiss.

Victor was a little surprised at the sudden change in mood from Summer but she was kissing him and gods had he missed that feeling. He kissed her back, soaking her in and nipping at her lip. His hands traced over her stomach again and up to her breasts, wanting her to arch against him again. He kissed his way across her jaw and down her neck, biting lightly at the juncture of her neck and shoulder. “I can’t tell you how much I missed this, love.”

“Don’t talk,” she mumbled, squirming until their legs were tangled together and she could get her hands up under his shirt. She skimmed lightly over the places still tacky with blood, apparently intent on enumerating every muscle in his torso. Nudging her head down, she nosed at him until she could reach his mouth again, biting at his lip even as she rocked against him.