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She’s been waiting for this opportunity for a while, actually. Getting up her nerve to take the chance. Summer gently pushes Derek against the wall, tugs his head down, and kisses him. Then she lets go and walks away, seemingly quite calm.


Derek was just walking by when Summer’s body pressed into his, going back against the wall with a confused expression. He was surprised by the kiss, though he could smell her attraction to him sometimes, it’s not like there wasn’t some toward her either. He just didn’t expect that. Though it didn’t mean he didn’t enjoy it. He watched her walk a few steps before striding out and catching her wrist gently, pulling her back and spinning her, kissing her  again. 

She startled a little when he pulled her back, before utterly melting into his arms when he kissed her. She hadn’t expected a response, really; she’d just wanted to try it. She’d had no reason to think that pursuing her feelings for him would lead anywhere, after all.