Baba O’Riley | Closed




“Nope. It gets uncomfortable after a while, it makes me really tired, and then I have to eat everything in sight to feel better… but no fire doesn’t hurt me at all.”

Johnny stared at her curiously. “How are you doing that?” He wasn’t big into science, but sitting on non-solids generally didn’t work out too well for him.

“Maaaagic.” Summer waggled her fingers dramatically. “Seriously, I have no idea. It just works. It’ll keep working as long as you’re up here with me, I expect, now. Lots of emotions from you.” She raised her eyebrows at him. “How long have you been in that form, then, today? Should I be being adult and sending you down?”

“Magic?” Johnny raised a skeptical brow.

“Nah, I’m good… so wait. You can sense emotions? That sounds nifty. What am I feeling?” He grinned childishly waggling his eyebrows. He was actually feeling slightly stressed out. He knew that at any minute, Sue was bound to come looking for him in the jet, freaking out over nothing. That and then there was that thing with Charlotte, whom he definitely was not falling for at all, no sir-ee. NOT HAPPENING. Except it kinda was.

“Excitement, curiosity on top.” Summer’s eyes went half-lidded, and one hand reached out toward him, fingers spread. After a moment, she licked her lips and said, “Stress. You’re worried about something … several things. Protective … you want to protect someone. It’s very focused. It’s all … blurry, though.”

She opened her eyes, and her mouth quirked. “Amusingly, you don’t actually seem to be thinking about sex. That reputation of yours all made up, then?”