Baba O’Riley | Closed




Of course at the mention of sex… Johnny grinned devilishly.

“It’s all a crock. I am a good Christian soldier, ma’am.” Johnny did his best Captain America impersonation, complete with salute. Flame shot off his hand, forming little patriotic stars.

“It’s actually kind of hard to fly, I can’t get off on too many brain tangents or I run into things.” Johnny smiled fondly, recalling the time he had scared the crap out of all the passengers on a Delta passenger plane.

Summer laughed. “Easily distractable. Oh, well.” She winked. “I /was/ looking forward to finding out about that reputation, but if you’re as good as all that, and so distractable too, I guess I’ll just have to accept that it’s all a lie.” Shrugging and pouting, she started to juggle little fireballs, watching Johnny through them.

“Pfft!” Johnny grunted, folding his arms across his chest.

“That sounds like a challenge. But if you’re too scared to test out my reputation for yourself, then I can accept that, I guess.” Johnny smirked, raising a brow. His eyes followed the line of fire and he tried to string them together into a circle.

Summer laughed at him. “Oh, you don’t scare me, Johnny-boy. You do your best, soldier boy, and we’ll see how it goes. Can a man like you seduce a woman like me?” She flicked the baby fireballs up into the sky, fwipfwipfwip, and immediately dropped into a flat dive, calling behind her, “Catch me if you can!”