Baba O’Riley | Closed



Summer kept diving, headed straight for the ground, and pulled up at the last second to shoot out into Central Park, dodging trees. Just for kicks, she snagged a high tree branch and used it to pull a half-loop, arrowing back along the park upsidedown. Johnny’s laughter reached her ears, and she giggled, weaving along the paths to find the lake.

Johnny zoomed past Summer as she changed directions. He managed a running man stop, before twisting his body around and resuming the chase. Dodging tree tops and branches, he gained speed. He flew a few feet above, and ended up facing her in mid air when he finally caught up.

“Where do you think you’re going?” He smirked reaching a hand down to tag her.

She laughed back, catching his hand. “Nowhere, now.” The ground was only a few feet below, and she let her wings go, dropping down with a slight jolt.  ”You’ve caught me, what shall you do with me?”