Only Human | Closed RP | @fenrir-the-monster-wolf



A teasing light shone in her green eyes. “Not for not devouring me on the spot?” She cupped her hand over his, then turned her head to kiss his palm quickly. “Are you still hungry?” Summer murmured. “Or has this satisfied your desire to dine out in Midgard?”

A chuckle came and passed as his eyes flickered from his empty plate and wine glass. He nodded. “Aye. Thank you, for bringing me here this evening.” He then rose from his chair. “Should I take this as a hint that you wish to go?” He asked playfully, not minding where they went, so long as they did so together.

“Let’s just say … there are some other experiences on earth that I think you might enjoy that customarily require a greater level of privacy.” It took her a moment to scrawl a note and leave a few bills on the table. Then Summer looked up at Fenrir. 

“I’ll just … keep the lead, until you tell me no. Okay?” Her smile was soft, inviting. She offered a hand.