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Summer Rainault shaded her eyes, glancing up at the sun. She’d stay out another hour before heading back to Camelot. She’d found a good harvest of the herbs that were wanted by the physician, but the day was more than nice enough to linger. Early autumn wasn’t often so.

Absorbed in her task, she didn’t pay much attention to the sounds around her until the several roughly dressed men had surrounded her.

“Well hey, what’s this?” one of them growled, brandishing a knife at her. “Pretty girl, all alone, not a good thing.” Another one chuckled, a cruel sound.

“All your money, and quickly,” the one with the knife said, beckoning.

Summer twisted her mouth sideways. “Do I look to have money on me, you fool?”

Arthur was walking around the town making sure everything was in order. Seeing that everything was, Arthur started to head back to the castle, when a group of people caught his eye. He turned to them and saw a girl surrounded by men. He walked towards them and tapped one of them on the shoulder. 

“Ya what do you want?” The man turned around and asked him.

Arthur crossed his arms. “Is there a reason you’re surrounding this young lady?”

The man with the knife quickly came up with an excuse, “Oh, we were making sure she got home safely. We didn’t want her to get hurt, since she’s all alone.”

The prince didn’t believe them, of course, so he walked between them and took the girl’s arm. “I’ll make sure she gets home. Go before I punish you all.” He said as the men scurried away. “Are you alright?” He asked the girl.

Summer turned an amused and bemused expression on her rescuer. He was certainly dressed for the part, chainmail and the red cloak of the knights of Camelot.

Then she got a good look at his face, and the smile twisted a little. “I’m fine, sire. They hadn’t done more than threaten me.”

Arthur smiled at her. “Good. Can’t let a beautiful girl get hurt, that’s against the knight code.” He chuckled at his own joke.

“I think I could have protected myself, but I do appreciate the sentiment.” Summer patted the Prince’s hand. 

“Would you like me to escort you back to your home, just in case?” He offered. For some reason he didn’t want to leave the girl’s side. She intrigued him. “May I ask of your name?”

“You’re very kind, sire.” Laughingly, Summer offered a little curtsey. “I’m Summer. You, of course, are instantly recognisible to any who live in Camelot as Prince Arthur.” Gently, she extricated herself from his hand and bent to sweep up her basket. “I would like to avail myself of your courtesy, but I do have a little more yet to do.”