“You’re too damned charming, Harry.” Kris clenched his fingers around Harry’s ankle.  ”Hard to hate what you like so much.” A drawl filtered into his words as he spoke. “You’ve got it all. Loving father, brothers, girls at your feet, a kingdom to inherit … “

“May it seem that my life is rich and well done, that is only good things you see. Yea, most people would see that much more than consequences.” He sighed, “A kingdom I have to protect, and..they trust this to a prince whom drinks with the thieves, welcoming them as an old friend?” Hal scoffed, frowning. “Better off to leave it to my brothers, if I do not change.”

“Better by far than the nothing that is my lot, I assure you, Harry.” A thought occurred to Kris, and he hitched himself up to whisper in Hal’s ear, “You’re not going to see me again after tonight anyway. Give me what I want.”