“I live very far from here, very far indeed, and I must set out tomorrow for home. There is no escaping it. I’ve only this one night. Even if a way to stay were found, I’d not be able to see you again. Not ever. You of all people must understand inescapable rules.” Kris pulled at his hair, frustrated. If only he could tell Harry the truth!

For a strange reason, the only thing that had occurred to pop into the prince’s mind was ‘Asgard’. The strangest of places but the only one that had come to mind was that one. “Yea, I understand, but why?” Hal asked rather recklessly, always one to want some answers, or at least not to be left on a hanging edge.

‘Oh, for fuck’s sake!’ Kris clenched his jaw. Fine. Harry wanted answers? Fine, he could have them. “Remember that you asked,” Kris hissed. “Nothing you know of me is truth, Hal. This isn’t even my real appearance. I’m under a spell that turns me male for twenty-four hours, my real name is Summer Rainault, I come from a manor near Dover. My father holds his lands of yours.”

Kris flung himself down against the turf, angry. “And now thou wilt dismiss me thy presence for that I have lied to thee.”