“I Break Everything I Touch”||@iamthefirechild



“You’re too kind, Captain,” Summer riposted, launching herself upward in a flurry of flamelets to kick the last one in the back of the head as it tried to simultaneously climb and aim from the side of a building. There was a satisfying ‘clunk’ as the skull bounced off the concrete, momentarily stunning it, and then fire erupted from all sorts of unpleasant places.

Hanging out in mid-air, Summer threw out another empathic scan, and nodded with satisfaction. “That’s all of them,” she called down, pulling off her mask and rubbing at her face. “The police are getting better at this, too; nobody trapped under fallen debris.”

Steve let out a relieved sigh. The fewer casualties, the better. He slept more peacefully at night when he knew that he and his team had saved as many civilians as possible, and felt as though he had done his job right instead of being consumed by stress and guilt.

“It certainly is useful, having a psychic around.” he commented, taking a deep breath, relieved that the battle was over. He was worn out, and he felt a painful twinge in his shoulder.

Summer lowered herself to the ground entirely before drawing in her wings. “Oh, well, I’m just … a pinch hitter, I guess you might say. SHIELD doesn’t really agree with you, they like my sister much better than me.” She held out a hand. “It was a pleasure working with you, though, Captain. Steve Rogers, right, behind the shield?”