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“Sleep is for the weak—I could stay up all night and still beat your ass. Whether or not you would be able to compete is up for debate though.” He quirked an eyebrow at her gutsy statement of if he was ‘good enough.’ “I think I’ll have to prove my worth here, just to keep my reputation intact.” He tilted his head, staring down at her with a bemused smirk, just inches from her face.

“Oh, a lady doesn’t kiss and tell, Mr Stark. Have no fear for your reputation.” Her eyes darkened under the wash of his emotions. “If you’re proving your worth, shall I be submissive, then? Beg for your attentions? Or do your prefer a girl who knows her own mind?” This time she scratched her nails back down his arm over the fabric of his shirt.

“As much as I feel that I’d thoroughly enjoy your pleas for me, I prefer a girl who, as you so aptly said, knows her own mind. Now if this one would only be so kind as to enlighten me in what she wants from this particular encounter, we could proceed.” He smirked, eyes glittering with a heat despite his aloof tone.

“I want your hands,” Summer murmured, covering the one at her hip with her own. “You have the most beautiful hands I’ve ever seen on a man, and you look like you know what to do with them.” Stepping right up to him, so close their bodies touched, she went on, lowering her voice even further, “I want your hands everywhere, and your mouth. I want to slide my nails down your back while you call my name into the darkness.” Deliberately, she licked her lips, running her tongue along her top lip.

He absentmindedly rubbed his callused thumb over the knuckles of her hand. “You know, most people don’t care for my hands. Too rough, too scarred. They overlook their dexterity. But that, and then some…can be arranged,” he murmured before leaning down and kissing her. 

Summer quickly hooked one arm behind his neck to help support herself. She flicked her tongue across his lips, demanding entrance to his mouth, and pressed close. “Mmmm.”