Love, Sex, and Relationships – A Character Meme


Hey guys, I thought I would try to make a meme! This one is all about love and sex and a few things besides. I think it’s important to look at these aspects; nobody is the same when it comes to these topics, and examining them can help diversify your character. It can also help to show that sex can be character development, and not just smut (but, fuck, is it fun) (be mindful of your medium and audience, especially while RPing).

Please, though, remember when answering this meme, to put the sexual parts behind a cut, and tag it with #NSFW and #NWS (and any other appropriate tags, such as trigger warnings), as a courtesy for your readers who might be at work.

Also, please remember that these are characters, who may or may not hold the same views as their authors. Some of the following questions deal with controversial topics, and characters will not always be ‘politically correct.’

Along those lines, the entirety of the meme is after the cut!

Character Name: Summer Cristalle Rainault

Fandom: mostly Avengers MCU, but will play anything

OC or Canon: VERY OC.

Age: 32

Gender Identity: female

Sexual Orientation: bisexual. willing to try anything once.

Current Romantic Partner(s): … several one-sided romances. Tony Stark, Arthur Pendragon are the chief two.

Current Sexual Partner(s): Tony Stark, Loki, Lex Shiver

Romantic Views: Summer is a romantic at heart. She wants to be wooed, but will protest that she isn’t fragile. She falls in love very easily, which has a lot to do with her power, but doesn’t expect that person to reciprocate.

Sexual Views: How does your character feel about sex in general? How have these views changed over time? 
Sex is a thing, for Summer. It’s … a tangling of bodies, which she quite enjoys, and the emotional rush she gets from it is very nice. She quite likes it, and rather feels she doesn’t get enough. She’s polygamous and polyamorous and that’s something she stands firm on.

Education: Summer knows a lot. Actual practise is a wholly different thing. She doesn’t spend a lot of time looking for exotic positions or anything, but prefers to be spontaneous and react to her partner.

The Relation Between Sex and Love: 

Romantic Scorecard: Hard to count. As tangled as her emotions can be, with other input, she’s fallen in love quite a lot. Probably somewhere between ten and fifteen, most of whom she still feels for pretty strongly.

Sexual Scorecard: six.

Ideals of a Perfect Romantic Partner: Someone she doesn’t have to be a spine for, to tell what to do, to encourage. Someone who will meet her halfway, every time.

Ideals of a Perfect Sexual Partner: Sexually speaking, Summer has very few preferences. She tends to be most attracted to tall dark and slightly out of the classically handsome mold, but because of her power that’s a slight effect.

Ideals of a Perfect Long-term Relationship: Someone who can be a partner, an equal. She wants someone who will accept and put up with her foibles, including the fact that she is unlikely to be physically or emotionally monogamous ever again.

Judgments: How does your character view others’ sexual lifestyles? Do they look down on others who aren’t knowledgeable, do they feel promiscuity is a sin, etc?
Summer’s only concern is that everyone is having a good time, and nobody gets hurt in a way they weren’t prepared for.

Sexual Fantasy: Summer doesn’t really dream of being submissive, but there are times she longs to be the one who can simply lie back and be done to, instead of feeling in control.

Romantic Style: Summer is a cuddler. End of story. She has no issues with being kissed, held, or touched in public. She likes flowers and chocolate and will volubly protest the spending of money on her person. She likes to reciprocate little efforts by her partners.

Sexual Style: Spontaneous. Summer likes to have fun. If there’s not laughter in the partnership, she’s not interested.

Flirting: Summer is an inveterate flirt. She’s nowhere near as practised at it as, say, Tony Stark, but she likes to make people smile and laugh, she likes to tease, she wants them to feel good.

Ego-Stroking: Always, always the hair. Her eyes will get you a look-in, as well.

Dressing Up: What makes your character feel sexy? Do they dress to impress or seduce, or do they not bother?
Summer doesn’t actually think she’s cute, or pretty. But she does tend to dress in a girlish or cute fashion. Wide skirts, cute shirts. She has jeans and a tshirt days too, though.

Spontaneity: Summer has a unique way of cheating, so basically, yes. She doesn’t get drunk, so you have to intrigue her if you want to bed her, and she’s going to know your emotional motivations.

Kissing: How much does your character enjoy kissing? What kind of kissing? Do they prefer somewhere besides the lips? Are they impatient, slow, rough, playful? What was their best kiss? Worst kiss? 
Summer loves kissing. She’s really perfectly happy to sit with someone and make out for a long time, hands wandering slightly, kissing all over their face.

Heavy Petting: Yes, please?

Foreplay: Yes? No? How much? Preferences? 

Lots of foreplay. Truthfully, Summer likes it best when her partner teases and plays until Summer’s all but crying with her need for release.

Romantic Turn-Offs: Don’t compare her to people unless she asks it. Gore, blood, cutting, anything that grosses her out. Sloppy drunkenness.

Sexual Turn-Offs: See above.

Romantic Activities: 

Sex Positions: Does your character have a favorite position? Does it change depending on who they’re with?
The key word here is always spontaneity. She’s physically flexible and willing to experiment.


Afterglow: She likes to cuddle up, lie there drowsing, talking softly — although quite often she’s up for a second round, or a third … 

Favorite Games: Chasing. Gods know why, but she likes to chase and be chased, with rewards for catch and cuddle.

Kink: Scratches, fingernails, blindfolds

Taboos: No cutting. No scarring. If there’s going to be rough play, there better be a safeword.

Sex Industry: It breaks her heart, because so many of the folk in it are not really there by their own choice. But she respects those who do choose that as a career.

Romantic Setting: She /is/ a romantic at heart. She wants candles, a lovely dinner, flowers; a walk on the beach at sunset or sunrise; a picnic in a secluded park. 

Sexual Setting: utterly irrelevant, although she prefers not the kitchen

Disease: Well, she hasn’t got any, and isn’t interested in catching any, either. She’s happy to go to a clinic and prove it.

Pregnancy and Contraceptives: She’s on the patch, so there will be no little surprises. Children are something that should be discussed and expected. It’s always appreciated if her partner takes precautions as well.

Abortion: That’s her choice. Hers and the father’s. Nobody else gets a say.

Exes: They exist. None of them are in a position to have any further input into her life. Most of the emotional scars they left behind she’s managed to cope with.

Permanently ‘Friend-Zoned’: She doesn’t even know what this means. Any friendship with her is going to have sexual elements to it, though if that’s a problem for the other person she will respect their desires.

Indiscretions: It’s about honesty. As an open poly, she’s only going to see it as cheating if it’s kept a secret, and that’s the part that’s going to make her angry. Be open and upfront with her, give her a share of your time, and it will be smooth sailing.

Jealousy and Possessiveness: She is possessive, yes. It’s a trait she tries to keep under control. But there are times she’ll go to one of her partners and just demand some attention.

Demonstrating Love: 

Self-Love: Not so much. While not a classic, chemical depressive, Summer has to deal with the input of other peoples’ emotions, and quite a lot of those are dark. She sometimes doesn’t like herself too much, but like most people has good days and bad days.

Masturbation: Do they like it? How often and why? 

She usually doesn’t bother. A large part of what she enjoys about sex is the emotional intimacy and feedback, and, well, going it solo just doesn’t have that.