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“What lead?” Summer asked. “What /lead/, my lord? Am I not already there? What then will you have me do? I cannot leave your city, my lord, for that there is no one to escort me. I cannot stay, seeing you every day.” She pulled away, rising and taking a few strides along the shore. “If there is no hope — and you say there can be none, which I must believe — then I would you did not know. ‘Twould be simpler.”

Whirling, she looked at Henry. “Am I to have no choice at all?”

He looked at her.

“I mean that I would lead you to something that I know not what it is.” he said to her, “To have you grow such emotions for me, when I… I do not know my own yet, I do not recognise them. Perhaps it is best that we leave such things alone, for I do not seek to break your heart…”

And he sighed.

“Though I fear I already have.”

“Perhaps you should have thought of that before you treated me with such kindness. Certainly before you kissed me. Why, then? I will know why.” In her anger and frustration, tears spilled down her cheeks. “My lord, I asked not even a chance, and yet you offered one, and now take it away.”