How to manage multiple accounts/blogs on one browser


Lots of people make multiple accounts on websites for everything from roleplaying to … well, I don’t know what else you’d do it for. And then it’s annoying, because you have to log in and log out, or use six different browsers, and IE is ugly, and Firefox eats memory, and Chrome is nasty to linux (sometimes).

This is how you fix that.

IE doesn’t do addons, but it does sessions, something sniped from php and put to use by Mircrosoft. You can use that in ver. 8+ to switch between accounts on the same browser.

Firefox has the handy Cookie Swap plugin, which allows you to switch between sets of cookies and therefore logins.

Chrome has two options: Cookie Switcher and Swap my Cookies (which I use).

A search for a similar add on for Opera and Safari turned up nothing, though as both browsers use addons I’m sure something will be forthcoming soon.

Multi-account roleplaying, or login, made easy.

Dear Tumblr,



Since you have decided to do maintenance on a fucking Saturday to improve a site that has been improved enough I demand the following things since you are demanding my patience: 

– I want post limit to be gone.

– I want the old dashboard bar and such back.

– Ask limit needs to be gone too. 

With fucking love, 

A tumblarian who has a blog to run. 

Lady Archer | @the-warrior-king



Summer felt her face heat and had to duck her head away from those eyes. “I just … tripped over my own feet.” This was not good. This was very not good. “I’m fine,” she lied, even though she could feel her ankle starting to throb a bit. She made herself pull away from him, and gave a gamine smile. “I think I owe you yet another apology now, for my clumsiness.”

He looked at her and looked at her foot, worried that perhaps she had strained it more than she did show or tell him that she had.

“Worry not of any apologies,” he said, “You need not do so for the likes of me.”

She laughed breathlessly. “No more concern for your own dignity than I have for mine. I … I think perhaps I had better sit down somewhere,” she added, as she began to waver.

Always Flirting | @narcissisttonystark







Thank you! *slips inside and hesitates at the volume and number of people* Do you … have a particular place you sit? God, it’s crowded.

Nope. It is pretty full tonight. Let’s grab our drinks and try to find a place to sit. *leads her to the bar*

*orders a peach daiquiri and seems to huddle a little closer than normal personal space* I’ll follow your lead.

[orders a rum an coke] Let’s find a seat.

Maybe near a window? Yes. I see a place! *slips through the tables, not really looking back to see if he’s following, and all but collapses into the seat*

[follows her, but manages to get lost in all the people] Summer?

*a handful of hair waves above the crowd in the direction she went*