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I miss that one thread where Summer got to actually be empathetic and listen to someone pour out their troubles to her

I want more of those

Sometimes it’s just amazingly easing to pour out everything to an almost stranger, get yourself outside of it

/That’s/ what I designed her for, not this hyper-sexual romantic bs I keep chasing.

do you interact/rp with everyone you follow?

I /want/ to.

Well, okay, that’s a bit incorrect. About 50% of the blogs I follow are a) personal friends, or b) blogs of pretty people or things. But if you are an rp blog, and I follow you, I want to rp with you.

I’m trying to make sure that I watch someone for a little while before I start to engage with them, though; a couple days at least. If I just followed you and you want to start something, though, be my guest.






‘Only open to mutuals’ basically means ‘I really don’t want to RP with you unless you’re in my clique’.”

Okay, as a private blog who only RPs with mutuals, I have to say that not everyone that I write with is in my clique. Yes, I have a group of friends that I write with, but there are others, too! I am not BFFs with everyone I write with, I don’t talk to all of them OOC.

And I myself have personal reasons for being private and selective in my following; I didn’t do it just so I could be with my clique.

Can I add that your muse might be SELECTIVE as well as the mun might be a bit selective? Can I also tack on that this is a HOBBY? and should be taken into consideration that we as roleplayers and (PEOPLE) are not under any obligation to roleplay or follow anyone ever? oh my gosh.. this is a very rude confession..

I should let this go, because the points above were great ones — but I have to add my two cents it. First off, yes. Being private sometimes means myself and others are highly selective; some have chosen to refer to it as being an ‘elitist’ .. 

and you know what,  what the hell is wrong with that?

I personally hold myself up to ridiculous standards and expectations with my character and my writing. Who is anyone else to say that when I expect the same from the people I write with I’m being ‘cliquish’? 

First and foremost, RPing is a hobby; and I am not here to fit MY portrayal of a character into any one else’s fantasies or delusions about the way he should be played. Been there , done that and lost my muse in the process. And honestly, I would rather be selective, or as you call it ‘cliquish‘ than write with people who refuse to take the time to get to know and understand me and my character’s portrayal. 

Probably my biggest tumblr RP pet peeve right here, folks. So in short, yes. I’m selective and only open to mutuals.  Bite me.

I probably shouldn’t, as the commentaries previously added are fantastic on their own, but I’m going to say it anyway: Don’t fucking expect people to roleplay with you. If you can’t handle not being noticed by those people you really want to roleplay with, consider these: Have you approached them? Have you breached some of their rules? Most people on this site are actually really nice, even the ones you may think are ‘untouchable’ and ‘impossible to roleplay with.’ For the most part, I can definitely say we all try to give people chances where chances are due, but once you expect to be given those chances, you can, quite literally, say goodbye to even playing with anyone.

Don’t be a pissbaby, guys. It’s unbecoming of anyone, and when you start complaining about it people aren’t going to interact with you at all. Be nice to everyone, be courteous, treat others as they treat you, respect the fucking fact that people do have standards and accept that sometimes you don’t meet them. 

And sometimes? People have too many followers to interact with. I follow less people than who follow me, and even then I still can’t interact with everyone. I try to open up and let people ask for starters via starter calls every now and then, and I get intimidated by the number of people who do end up asking for starters. There are people who I consider are part of my ‘clique’ ( really, though? a lot of the people community are so past high school do we really need to use that word? ) who I don’t even roleplay with. And sometimes muses really are fickle ; one day you could wish to write all about sad threads and end up ignoring the happier, quirkier threads.

 It’s hard trying to accommodate everyone, so if you can’t understand that, then I really don’t have any interest in roleplaying with you.  

I wasn’t going to add anything here but fuck it. Can we talk about guilt for a moment? Because really, that’s what this confession’s doing. It’s aimed at guilting people who maybe can’t roleplay with everyone that wants them, or who have standards about who they rp with for not being open to everyone. And really, it’s not just this confession. Lately it seems like the RP community on tumblr has changed to be something that’s aimedat guilting people into doing what you want them to do, and that’s wrong.

There are a variety of reasons why someone might not want to roleplay with you, and you need to respect that. If they’re not a mutual with you, there’s probably a reason. It could not even be you. More likely than not, they just don’t like the character or know nothing about the fandom. And really, that’s nothing that either party can be blamed for. And if it does have something to do with you? That’s alright. They have that right, just like youhave the right to unfollow them if it bugs you that much. Because really, it’s as simple as that. If you don’t like what someone’s doing with their blog, unfollow them.

I’ve seen so many posts like this where, instead of manning up and improving their own writing and blog or getting the fuck over it, people play the victim and guilteveryone that they want to roleplay with. And really, if you’re doing that, then you’ve found your reason why they don’t want to roleplay with you. Guilt is a terrible emotion, especially when it’s over something where the guilty party has done nothing wrong. It puts people in a damned if you do damned if you don’t scenario, where if you write like crap, you’re not proud of what you’re doing, and if you improve and enjoy your writing, people hate you for it. And that is   w r o n g  on so many levels. 

Guilt isn’t a tool for you to use because you’re a bit butthurt.

People can do whatever they want on their own blogs.

Get over it.

Please remember that roleplay online is just like roleplaying in real life: groups become organised out of people who talk to each other; joining a game is usually accomplished by asking or being asked (not sitting in the same room and looking hopeful); not all games are for all people; it’s rude to join a game and then not show up all the time; sometimes non-roleplaying takes precedence, especially when one’s health is in question, but it’s polite to let your game-mates know.

Sometimes ‘open to mutuals’ means ‘I don’t want to be overwhelmed’. Friendship and clique are not synonymous.