What are friends for?

17. Our muses have found their old diaries, and entries from the day they both first met. Eye for an eye, I’ll read out mine if you read out yours.

“Oh, hell no! I thought I had lost this thing. Or burned it.” Summer held out the slim volume between two fingers, dangling it like it was some kind of noxious thing. She glanced over at Merlin. “Is that yours? Why do you even keep a diary? Imagine if someone — if Arthur! — found it.” She cracked up.

Snatching it from his hands and tossing hers aside, she riffled through the pages. “Hey, here’s the day I came to Camelot.” She pretended to read it, and Merlin yanked the book from her hands in turn. “Oy! Fine. You read it, and then I’ll read mine.”