Summer puts a bakery box on the bar at Carpe Noctem and smiles sweetly at the bartender. “Send for Vex.”





The bartender raised an eyebrow at the girl as she set a box on the counter of his bar. “You’re that Summer girl, right?” he asked absently, and then nodded as he stepped away to find his employer. Several minutes later, he returned, “Vex’ll be out momentarily.” 

And several moments later, the Mesmer appeared, walking over to where Summer stood at the bar. He was dressed in his finest. “‘Ello, Precious,” he greeted, “Ya called?”


Vex laughed against her throat again, kissing her skin once more before moving away. “Cake sounds good,” he told her, bobbing her lightly on the nose, “and then I’m sure we’ll find something else to do with our time.”

Slowly, pausing to nip at his nose back, she untangled herself from their cosy sprawl. “Where did you even put the cake? I didn’t see.”

“Stuck it in the mini-fridge,” he told her absently, going over to open the fridge’s door and take out the cake’s box. He set it on the coffee table and grabbed a beer for himself out of the fridge before kicking its door shut.

“Fork, knife, fork, knife, spoon, spoon,” she sing-songed to herself, rummaging through drawers. “Aha!” Triumphantly, she held up a knife and a spoon, turning to Vex. “Beer with red velvet cake?” she asked. “I would have thought wine would go better.”

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