“Then why don’t you stay forever? No one’s going to make you leave.” He shrugged. “But the forest is a good place to be. I live there in a cabin of sorts. The forest is actually my favorite place to be.”

“I have a family,” she pointed out. “My life is not my own. I will have to return home someday, be married off, have a family. So I stay in Camelot as long as I may.” She frowned slightly. “Why don’t you live in the town? It would be safer.”

“I feel more comfortable out in the forest,” he explained. “I don’t have any family, like you, to stay with or worry about, so I actually feel safer when I’m out there on my own. It’s peaceful and I don’t have to worry about other people that often.

“What about bandits? Monsters? Wild animals?” Summer grew more and more concerned with each danger she listed off.

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