Cait Sith Magic!Anon: Summer~




The cat ear twitched involuntarily when she poked it, his nose scrunching up in a very cat-like way. “Yeah well, I don’t do cute,” he told her with a roll of his gleaming eyes. Deep down, he knew that she was pretty much right; the cat thing did suit him, matching up with his usual personality pretty easily, but still… this was a little extreme.

She didn’t hide this smile. “Yes you do,” Summer murmured. She settled into the leather to curl around his body, carefully tucking his tail around his waist so she didn’t sit on it. Eyes dancing, she went on, “You just don’t do cute in public. You only do cute in here, with me.”

The Mesmer’s tail moved to wrap around her waist instead as she sat next to him, snuggling himself closer to her. “I guess that’s fair,” he agreed in a mumbling voice; he’d already proved, long ago, that when they were alone he could do the cutesy affectionate stuff. That didn’t mean the rest of the world was about to know that.

She stroked her fingers through his hair, avoiding the ears. “So,” she said softly, “you’re going to hide out in here until this wears off? Is that the idea?” 

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