She laid patterns of kisses across his chest, pressing her face close so she could brush his skin with her eyelashes, and laughing softly in her throat at his reactions. She had virtually crawled into his lap at this point, hands caressing everything she could reach or bracing herself against his hips. Once again, she hovered at the waistband of his pants, waiting for his reaction.

Shivering at their impossibly close proximity, his breath hitched and he licked at his lips, silently begging her to do more, despite being nervous at doing so. But it felt so right, and he was ready to do this with her. Nodding as he lifted his hips, and licked at his lips, Isaac smiled shyly and shifted beneath her.

She pushed him over, gently, and continued to kiss every part of him she could reach. It took a moment of rearranging before she was comfortable, draped against him, and then hesitantly she put her hand back on his erection. Her eyebrows flicked up, slightly, as she found the damp spot pre-cum had made on his pants.

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