“My will is as strong as yours, and my kingdom as great.”




“I have a kingdom and nobody told me that? Come on, how rude is that?”

“Kings can be itinerant! They used to be, actually, before indoor plumbing and stuff. That’s why nobles had so many manors, they had to move around so there could be cleaning. What kind of kingdom would you want, then?”

“Yeah, but my level 90 warlock isn’t the King, the King is Varian Wrynn, I’m just one of a whole bunch of people he sends out to beat up on the Horde or the other bad guy of the expansion or whatever. I…have no idea. Me as a King seems like a disaster.”

“Oh, come on, you’d be a spectacular King! You’re always thinking about other people and solving problems. … this is, however, suggesting to me that you do not recognise that quote.”

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