Summer is content to wait until the stars come out before setting up the telescope, but Stiles seems to feel differently. She watches him, eyes adjusting to the shadows. When he’s not thinking about it so hard, there’s much less twitch to his motions. He knows what he’s doing with the telescope, and it’s very pleasant to watch him in his competence.

She’s so absorbed in watching him, long limbs and elegant fingers and lithe motions, it surprises her a little when she glances up through the trees and sees the first stars. Pulling out her phone, she finds the sky map app and orients herself. “There. Polaris.”

He’s focused.

This is remarkable in and of itself; focus is rarely a thing for Stiles, even with his medication. Every once in a while he hits a bubble of it, though, almost extreme focus, and he kind of wishes he could bottle those moments up and put them aside for sometime useful. He can’t, so he takes advantage of them when they come, even when it’s setting up a telescope in the woods and seemingly inconsequential.

“Huh?” Stiles looks up from his task when she speaks, and he frowns briefly, looking up. He squints at the North Star and then pivots, muttering to himself about the star placement. “Then…Ursa Major, and Ursa Minor, and..Canis…means that…Oh, no, not visible yet, darn—hey. What’s your zodiac?”

“Leo. Leo sun, Scorpio moon. Why?” She tries to think if she wants to explain her theory about astrology to Stiles. He would probably poke all kind of holes in it, and some of them would even make sense. Summer pushes up on one elbow to frown slightly at him.

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