“Leo. Leo sun, Scorpio moon. Why?” She tries to think if she wants to explain her theory about astrology to Stiles. He would probably poke all kind of holes in it, and some of them would even make sense. Summer pushes up on one elbow to frown slightly at him.

“Wondering if it was in the sky,” Stiles answers with a shrug, looking back at the burgeoning starfield after a moment of blinking at Summer. “I actually have no clue what my, uh. My moon sign? Is? I’m Aries. But he isn’t here yet, so, uh. Nevermind on that, I guess.”

“When you find the Dog Star, look up and to the left. That will be Leo.” She gets up on her knees and crawls over to him, sitting back on her heels at his feet. “If you tell me your birthday and where you were born I can do your whole birth chart. They’re usually pretty interesting. I just find mine particularly funny, since I have such an affinity with fire and my sun sign is Leo. Scorpio is the exact opposite of Leo in some ways.”

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